Coding CommunityE-Learning Quiz of the Day: 10/10/2016

Answer: The problem here is that strpos() returns the starting position index of $str1 in $str2 (if found), otherwise it returns false. So in this example, strpos() returns 0 (which is then coerced to false when referenced in the if statement). That’s why the code doesn’t work properly. The correct…

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Coding CommunityE-Learning Question of the Day: 07/10/2016

  Answer: The output will be:

Although both variables are uninitialized, String is a reference type and DateTime is a value type. As a value type, an initialized DateTime variable is set to a default value of midnight of 1/1/1…

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How to use the API using PHP API enables you to embed your stream on your site and use various resources. In this article, we will use the Laravel framework and LiveCoding auth library hosted at PREPARE To start using…

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