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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Blogs To Follow


Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the future. It is shaping many industries even when it’s new compared to other technologies. AI is also growing as scientists and engineers are doing research at a rapid pace. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others are also investing heavily in AI research, and the results are quite evident. The release of self-driving cars is just an example of rapid AI growth.

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Just like any other technology, there are many ways you can learn about AI. A major challenge faced by people today is finding useful information because there is a lot of information available online.

To keep up with the recent changes and find useful information, it is always a good idea to follow the best Artificial Intelligence blogs. After reading this article, you will be able to follow AI closely by covering all the different sub-topics related to AI. All you need to do is to read the listed blogs religiously.

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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Blogs To Follow

1. Machine Learning Mastery

Blog Machine Learning Mastery

If you are interested in starting machine learning, then follow this blog “Machine Learning Mastery”. This blog was created by Dr. Jason Brownlee, a professional developer with multiple high-level degrees in Artificial Intelligence. This blog is dedicated to help developers get started with machine learning and become good at applied machine learning. Some courses offered by this blog includes Applied Machine Learning Process, Machine Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning with Python, Machine Learning with R and more.

2.  AI Trends

AI Trends The Business and Technology of Enterprise AI

There is no better way to follow what’s trending in the AI industry than to follow the blog, “AI Trends”. AI Trend is awesome because you can find what’s trending in the AI industry right from the home page. AI Trend covers a broad category which includes business, investments, technology, webinar, research, and resources. So if you are searching for investment, business application, and startups in AI, as well as technologies like big data, robotics, self-driving cars, speech recognition, then follow AI Trend.

3. Open AI

OpenAI Blog

If you want access to research work on AI from your comfort, then Open AI blog is the perfect place. Open AI is a blog which has a goal of advancing digital intelligence for the benefit of humanity, and that is why they have decided to make their research work accessible to the public without any financial constraint. Open AI focuses on long-term research. They also host conferences for learning experiments.

4. Chatbot’s Life

Chatbot’s Life (1)

Are you looking for an AI blog rich in content? If so, Chatbot’s Life is your proper destination. You can find a wide range of tools on the blog. The tools include boot camps, templates, courses, and community. The most interesting section of this blog is the project section. In this section, you can follow latest projects and start your project if you have the intention of starting any. If you are a blogger in AI niche, you can also write for this blog to gain exposure.

5. Artificial-Intelligence.Blog

Artificial Intelligence News AI News Artificial Intelligence.Blog

Artificial – Intelligence Blog is a great blog that covers artificial intelligence news, AI research, AI books, people in the AI industry, AI conferences, and companies in the AI industry. Artificial – Intelligence Blog is a great blog for anyone who is interested in AI to follow because it contains a lot of resources.

6. MIT News – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence MIT News

This is an education blog by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a blog dedicated to updating the public about the news and achievement of its students, staffs, and organization. This blog covers news on the latest trend in AI as well as different areas of AI application. So, if you are looking for a way to follow the latest news in the AI industry, then follow this blog and never miss out on what’s going on.

7. Chatbot magazine

Chatbots Magazine

Chatbot Magazine is an AI blog that focuses on chatbots. This blog offers information about chatbots, how they work, what you can do with them, and how to go about it. They also cover AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. So, if you are a software developer, AI researcher or someone who is simply interested in chatbot then follow this blog.

8. TopBots


Topbots is an AI blog not only for those who want a career in AI but a blog for businesses. This blog offers educational content on AI as well as AI solution for businesses. The AI educational courses on Topbots include Applied Artificial Intelligence, Business of Bots, Customer Experience Automation, and Financial Services & AI. If you are looking for AI industry resources, you should expect to find the following, Webinars, Ultimate Directory of AI & Bot Conferences, AI & Bots Industry newsletter and Jobs in AI & machine learning.


Artificial Intelligence News ScienceDaily

If you are looking for an all-in-one pack, then Science Daily is the right blog you should read. This blog covers everything on AI. Among all the features on this blog, the most dominant one is AI news. This blog offers the latest news on AI as well as every other thing you need on AI topic.

10. Google Research blog

Research at Google

Google Research blog tackle the most challenging problems in Computer Science and related fields. This blog covers a wide area of research on AI. This blog is so unique because most of their research work has not been carried out by any other organization. They also have a list of research events on this blog.


We have listed the best out of the best blogs in the AI niche. The listing ranges from educational, investments, business, trends, and news. You may need to follow two or more blogs depending on your need, but be assured that you will receive the best information you will ever find online from this list. 

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