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10 Projects to Practice with During the Pandemic


Did you know that you can make the best out of this pandemic by practicing with some of the top projects on our platform? With over 200,000 video projects from over 18,000 creators, we have compiled a list of 10 projects related with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, from the topics of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, data science, programming, and game development that will help you keep engaged during this pandemic. 


1. How to Create Coronavirus Stimulus Payment Calculator in HTML5 and Django

Coronavirus stimulus payment calculator is a Django project that will calculate how much you will likely receive from your government during this period. We will build and program this calculator using Django 3.0, bootstrap 4 and will deploy to AWS. This tutorial is for beginners that just started working with Django. You can find a live Demo of the build on


2. How to Create Covid-19 Medical Research Funding System Using Solidity

This project consists of writing a crowdfunding smart contract for funding medical research such as vaccines for Covid19. You will appreciate and learn the power of blockchain technology in crowdfunding scenarios like these. Ultimately, this project would help you sharpen your solidity and web3 programming skills.


3. How to Teach a Neural Network to Read Handwriting with PyTorch and Keras

This project targets data scientists. It reviews Artificial Vision with Convolution Neural Networks (CNN), and Advanced feature analysis via Dimensionality Reduction methods. Finally, you will learn implementation using Keras and PyTorch. 


4. How to Create a Pizza Ordering Phone Customer Service With NEXMO

In this project, a pizza ordering system will be built in Java on top of Nexmo voice Java SDK. It will be implemented in three flows: Pizza ordering, pizza order status checking and pizza order cancelation.


5. How to Create Simple e-commerce Web App in React + Redux

With this Tutorial you will see how we can start a little app for E-commerce. You will see all points from scratch front (React, Redux, Bootstrap) and back (Node.js Express4). You will see a good implementation of React + Redux. How you can change props with Redux action (synchrone, and asynchrone). You will learn to create a products list with prices and tags with add to cart function and after, create a back office to manage your stock (remove and add products with redux actions). This Stream is also interactive.


6. Build a Video Call & Voice Chat App in WEBRTC Using Node.Js

First, we are going to walk through building a text chat app using We will build the Node.js server and implement on the server and client. We are going to test this using google and iphone. In the next session, we will include the video chat portion into our app. We will walk through building events that allow two peers to communicate. We will also walk through building the signalling server that is used for peer to peer connections.


7. How to Create ToDo App in React.Js

This tutorial will cover the basics of developing a React.js application while creating a Todo application. It will include all the details involved during React.js app creation, including tools like Babel, Webpack, libraries like Immutable.js and others. We will go through the process of creation of a simple Todo app, covering all the steps, starting from how to set up the tools, and finishing with a fully working application.


8. How to Create a Interactive Procedural Mesh Terrain in UE4

In this tutorial series, you will learn how to programmatically create a terrain using C++ in Visual studio. The terrain will make use of the Unreal procedural mesh component. The Procedural mesh component is one that allows you to specify custom triangle mesh geometry. I will be walking you through my tried and tested method of creating geometry. You will learn how to increase the amount of geometry using a subdivision method. You will also learn how to manipulate geometry during gameplay. Lastly, I will be showing you how to create a rolling physics-based enemy that chases the player and can only be destroyed by a force field actor that the player has to stand on.

9. How to Create a Youtube Clone in Python and Django

This tutorial, how to create a web app clone in Python, you will be guided through the process of building a minimized version of We will focus on building a web app that is minimized but extensible to your needs. Meaning, you’ll be able to fork this project and extend the Python clone with your own features.

The app will cover the most basic needs of a video web portal:

  • Main page with an overview of new videos

  • Video page with the video content and comments

  • Upload page

10. Python Data Analytics and Visualization

This tutorial will cover the fundamentals and some advanced techniques for creating an application to analyze and visualize a variety of data sets. The tutorial will cover the details (resources, tools, languages etc) that are necessary to build a complete and operational analytical dashboard. You will be guided through all the steps and concepts, starting from the basic ones like setting up the right tools and frameworks to the more advanced topics related to the development. Ultimately you will be able to create your own data analytics and visualization application.


The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to continue for a while before things normalise and systems get back to normal. Worry not for these projects at Education Ecosystem present the best opportunity of learning some skills. These projects are well prepared by expert developers and will prepare you for the job market in the future.  

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