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10 Reasons to Buy and Hodl LEDU Tokens

If you are already a LEDU coin holder here are 10 reasons why you should hodl your current portfolio and buy some more as well. See some of the benefits you get if you hodl your coins.

1)Education Ecosystem has an existing beta product with an established monetization model and seasoned team. The team has extensive sector domain expertise in the education and video streaming space. Moreover, the team has worked for two years building our first product, LiveEdu. We have all the ingredients in place to scale the network and business in the coming months.

2) We have extensive data on cost-effective user acquisition channels having acquired 1 million viewers and 13,000 content creators with no paid marketing. We don’t need to search for new streamers as existing users will be retained with an attractive economic model.

3)Education Ecosystem has huge growth potential, both horizontally (launching projects in Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, etc) and vertically (by expanding the number of topics).

4) Education Ecosystem is a marketplace that can organically generate token demand through monthly subscription purchases.

5) We are committed to focus only on future technologies that no online education or professional development company is focused on. Our goal is to build the biggest project learning library for future technologies: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, game development, data science, cryptocurrencies, programming, design, and augmented and virtual reality. Project creators will build 10,000 projects for these topics. In 2019, the ecosystem will be opened for more topics.

6) LEDU coin holders will have their say about what happens in the ecosystem. For example, providing input on which projects to build first and which new topics or product features to add.

7) A percentage of all LEDU coins spent on subscriptions annually are burned, removing them from circulation.


8) Project screens will be erected in major cities around the world, starting with San Francisco and LEDU coin holders can vote on the cities where project screens will be launched next.

9) The professional development industry is a $360B industry and currently there is no established professional development platform or online education company that is focused on teaching people to build projects in future technology fields such as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and cyber security. The categories we cover are the multi-billion markets of the future and we have the opportunity to build a multibillion dollar company in the $360B professional development space.

10) Our external ecosystem provides huge growth potential. From 2019, Education Ecosystem will start building our external ecosystem and give all partners direct access to all projects in the network via the API. Partners will be able to pull all projects and integrate it into their own website and mobile apps.

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