25 New Things Every Java Engineer Should Know in 2020



The biggest challenge faced by every Java engineer is to keep yourself up-to-date. New technologies come up very fast, and a new Java version is released every six months. Here is a list of 25 new things that every Java engineer should learn in 2020.

RTS Implementation

In Java programming, the RTS (Real-time specification) feature helps to define embedded uses for an app. The RTS features help to manage loads and runtime issues. When you know how an application will behave in real-time, it helps in avoiding plenty of rework than usual.

Java & the IoT

The Internet of Things or IoT is the latest development trend in Java programming language. Java features make it possible to integrate IoT in more and more applications. 

With the help of Java ME edition, it is possible to design more enterprise apps that are secure for the Internet of Things.

Kotlin Development


Kotlin is a programming language based on Java. It has gained a lot of attention in 2020 in the Android community. Kotlin features a simplified syntax as well as interoperability. The Kotlin community offers excellent support in the design of apps. Kotlin is a language that every Java engineer should learn in 2020.

Data structures and collections

In Java, a data structure defines how data is represented in a memory location while a collection is the way the data is accessed. Learning these will give every Java engineer flexibility in programming. 


In modern times, the speed of programming is of great importance. The present-day clients want results delivered very fast. In 2020, every Java engineer should learn how they can improve their speed of programming. This can be through typing lessons and sharpening their Java skills even better.

Improve on keeping codes simple

Every programmer, including Java developers, should learn how to keep codes simple. Simple codes, unlike complex codes, have fewer bugs, and less time is therefore needed to debug. Learn to write simple codes without lots of abstraction. 

Project Juxtapose

Sun Microsystems have developed a popular flatform JXTA. It has gained massive acceptance among Java developers. Project JXTA is expected to help grow standards that will significantly impact web development. Java engineers can focus more on their capabilities by learning this project in 2020.

Spring Framework 5 

Java makes use of the Spring Framework as an application framework. Spring Framework 5 is a dedicated framework that has multiple API variants. Spring Framework 5 is an improved version of Spring MVC. It supports Servlet 4.0 and JDK 9. 

Java 8,9,10,11 

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. A new Java version is released every six months. Every Java engineer should update their Java skillset often. Java 9 introduces Constructs such as interface, objects, class, and statements. Upper versions of Java are available, including Java 10, 11, 12, and the latest Java 13.

Spring security 5.0 

Spring security is a framework that gives authorization to applications by providing access control and authentication. The framework supports various authentication models, including Kerberos, HTTP, CAS, JOSSO, and LDAP. It is a framework that every Java engineer should learn in 2020. 

Spring boot 2 

Spring Boot 2 is the latest version of Spring Boot. Every Java engineer should learn Spring Boot 2 in 2020. It comes with an auto-configuration feature that provides reactive support and security. It shortens build configuration and delivers dependencies. With Spring Boot 2, there is no need for code generation. 

JVM and Memory Management

The JVM or the Java Virtual Machine is a program that executes other programs. It allows Java programs to run on any operating system and device as well as to optimize program memory.

Explore the big data space

Big data or the collection of huge sums of data and its analysis has revolutionized the foundations of businesses across the globe. Every developer should learn about big data, which is now a $57 billion industry. Platforms like Apache Spark, which is a data analytics engine used for large-scale data processing, is a must learn.

Reactive Java

Reactive Java is a recent and relevant programming concept that has new features as well as innovations. Due to increased amounts of data produced today, the need for a language that helps in processing these massive amounts of data robustly. Reactive Java offers this help by concurrently and effectively managing data and building Java apps. The Reactive Java library supports the development of more asynchronous and interactive Java applications. 

Java SE6 Improvements

SE6 is another latest advancement that has rocked the programming space in the year 2020. The improvements were released publicly later and feature plenty of security fixes. The OpenJDK 10 release in 2018 was another fantastic innovation that adopted plenty of exciting features. Every Java engineer should learn these improvements in 2020. 

Smart work 

One of the good traits of an experienced Java engineer is extensive knowledge of API, including JDK, as well as third-party libraries. A Java engineer’s job is made easier by the availability of numerous open-source libraries. These aid in the development process, for you, will not be required to learn from scratch. A good developer will also contribute to the open-source community by participating in the development and advancement of the libraries. 

EE4J and MicroProfile Development

The Eclipse Foundation has brought an opportunity to build more confidence in Java engineers by introducing the EE4J and MicroProfile Development.

MicroProfile gives insights into how the Java EE community of engineers will grow going into the future. Both Spring technologies and the Java EE community are expected to benefit from these two amazing innovations. 

Wrapping Up

Since the time of its inception, Java has consistently led in the programming world. Java is an excellent option as per the latest standards of architecture and apps development.

Java supports cross-platform development of applications that produces more robust and productive apps capable of being used over multiple browsers. Things have been moving so fast that Java upgrades its features continuously and regularly to stay competitive.

The above Java development trends and technologies are unstoppable. They can help Java engineers to design more secure apps. These features are introduced gradually and incrementally, keeping Java engineers in mind to make their learning easier. It is up to the Java engineers to learn these latest trends and technologies in 2020 to keep themselves abreast with the Java community.  

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