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5 Reasons to Create Projects on Education Ecosystem during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Blog_cover_reasons_to_create_projectsEducation Ecosystem is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches professionals and college students how to build real products. The platform has come in handy at the time of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Many developers are stuck at their homes following measures taken by governments worldwide to curb the spread of the virus. Project creators on Education Ecosystem create videos, a structured project outline, a project repository and downloadable resources. These are accessible to viewers who can clone the projects and run the applications on their local machines. Developers can leverage on the idle time they have in their hands at the moment and create projects on the platform.  

There are many benefits of creating projects on the Education Ecosystem. It is not just about money. The benefits are outlined below.

1. Stay home safe and work

As part of social distancing measures given by governments across the globe, staying at home has been considered to be the safest measure that prevents Covid-19 infection. Developers can utilize this time by creating projects on Education Ecosystem by keeping busy while safe at their homes.

2. Earn money

Countries and companies alike are facing hard economic times. Many companies around the world are laying off workers as a response to the pandemic. Developers can earn money on Education Ecosystem by creating projects.

3. Access to a large viewership

Education Ecosystem has over one million visitors per month. Creating projects on the platform gives you access to this audience. This will give you popularity as well as an opportunity to engage with the viewers. At the moment everyone is staying home and learning. The number of visitors on the platform has spiked. 

The best projects on the platform are shared on Social media platforms and blogs. This gives a Project Creator an opportunity to get large popularity through these platforms.

4. Help the battle against coronavirus

Developers can respond to the Covid-19 pandemic by creating projects on the platform that can help tackle the virus. Projects that can help in collecting data, visualizing data and making meaning out of the collected data to deal with the virus. There are already ongoing efforts by developers across the globe to create tools and libraries that can help in tackling this virus. The platform offers a good place to host these projects and teach others to create and use such tools.

5. Help others to stay at home by producing content that will make them stay at home

The projects on Education Ecosystem are helping people stay at home. This is from the spike in traffic reported on the platform during this period. Creating more projects would help more people productively engaged in their homes, as it is required by health authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

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