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An Interview with Kehinde Egunjobi – A Passionate Full-stack developer who is self-taught.

Kehinde Egunjobi

Kehinde Egunjobi  is a Full Stack developer and mobile application developer creating cross-platform mobile apps who specializes in Flutter and Full Stack Javascript technologies across the whole MERN stack of MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS. as well as GraphQL, Laravel and GoLang. Experience building complete web and mobile applications integrated with backend API systems and serverless solutions.
Location: Nigeria


1.It is a pleasure to have you here. Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am Kehinde Egunjobi, I have over 5 years of experience in software development. I do both full-stack development and mobile app development. I studied political science in school but I am a self-taught developer.


2. What motivated you to become a Full Stack developer?

I used to develop websites on WordPress alone. Then, a time came when clients would need certain features added to the website and I would have to get a plugin that didn’t really meet their needs. This became a problem when a client became very agitated because I couldn’t deliver a feature that had already been paid for. That was when I knew I had to go learn how to write code without relying on plugins.


3. Which programming language did you first learn and why?

My first programming language was PHP and the reason was because of the problem I stated earlier. WordPress plugins are written in PHP so it was a no-brainer.


4. Can you briefly tell us about your experience as a web and mobile developer?

The experience has been good so far. Over 5 years. Recruiters respect me more when they know I can operate comfortably on any task given. I have been able to apply to better jobs more confidently.


5. Please tell us about your experience at Education Ecosystem?

My experience at Education Ecosystem has been very wonderful. I did not even know a website like this existed before. I wish I found it earlier in life. The kind of contents EE shares freely is usually paid for on other sites.


6. Which of our 6 categories are you interested in?

I am interested in Programming and Cryptocurrency


7. What tips would you give to our project creators?

I don’t think that some of the projects are not so beginner-friendly. But other than that, they have been fantastic


8. In your assessment, what do you think is the impact of our projects on application development?

The projects are very similar to the real-life experiences that some other courses elsewhere lack. Those projects alone are good enough to brag with on any CV/Resume


9. What would you advise software engineering students looking to Education Ecosystem to hone their coding skills?

They should go beyond what they have learned. Add more features to the apps built. You will not only learn more but you will have a solid project on hand.


10. Is there anything else you would want to say in concluding the interview?

Nothing else, thanks.


Thank you for being an active member of our community. We appreciate your commitment with Education Ecosystem. Keep upskilling

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