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Best JavaScript Projects on LiveEdu – March 2017


LiveEdu is the hub for the best projects. We are happy to announce our new series, “Best Monthly Projects.” The series will list the best projects for popular technologies on LiveEdu.

In this article, we will list the best JavaScript projects for the month of March. The listed projects are popular and offer best value to the viewers. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

1. RTS Prototyping – JavaScript by Killroy

Killroy from Silema, MT, is one of the best JavaScript streamers on LiveEdu. In RTS Prototyping, he is prototyping a real-time strategy game using JavaScript. He is also using WebGL.

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2. Electron Application with Angular.js

Exejutab from CABA, AR is fairly new to the community, but his work is already getting the attention. Right now, he is working on his project, “Mangle”, which utilizes Electron and Angular.js

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3. Converting UI to ReactJS

Aikar from Raleigh, NC, US is one of the old members of LiveEdu with a total of 500 hours stream time! He loves JavaScript and his project, “Converting UI to ReactJS” is getting some love. You can subscribe for more JavaScript action.

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4. #100DaysOfCode #day20 portfolio & stuffs

Mr_Bruckner is on a mission of 100 days of code where he is building tons of stuff using front-end tools. You can watch him do all the stuff. He is an IBMer and is from Wrosclaw, PL.

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5. Code School Closures Course

Emag50 is sharing his adventure through the code school closures course. He is from Lomita, US and is very interested in front-end technologies.

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6. LiveEdu Chatbot in JavaScript

We all know about lcarver from New orleans, US who loves to work on chatbots. His project “LiveEDU Chatbot” is all about creating LiveEdu chatbot with JavaScipt.

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7. Working on Crocks—Fix up Star – JavaScript

EvilSoft from Vancouver, WA, US is working on Crocks and Fix up Star using JavaScript.

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8. 12appsIn12weeks challenge. 5th MovieTinder – JavaScript

EQuimper, an engineer from Thinkful, is working on his 5th app, “a MovieTinder clone.” He is on the mission to complete 12 apps in 12 weeks which is quite evident from the title.

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9. Gambling Site – Node.js, JS, ES6

CodeLuca from London, GB is working on a gambling site using Node.js, JavaScript and ES6 technologies. The gambling site is “”

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10. Creating a Blog Application in JavaScript

Checkout Buzzyboy working on a blog application in JavaScript. He is from San Diego, US and works for Coding Consultants.

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11. Timeline Posting App in JavaScript

NettoNavi is working on Timeline posting App, written in Angular2 and vanilla JS. He is from Saint Louis, US and works for Sawdey Solutions Services, Inc.

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12. ElectronJS Menubar Stock Ticker in JavaScript

ElectronJS is an amazing developer who is working on Menubar Stock Tinder. He is from Boston, US and is currently working for Robin Powered, Inc.

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That’s the end of the best JavaScript March Projects. We hope you liked all the above listed projects. Did you love a JavaScript project that is not listed here? Comment below and let us know.

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