Top 10 Best Mobile App Testing Tools For 2022

Best Mobile App Testing Tools


You can avail of several methods and affordable mobile app testing tools for implementing your mobile app testing procedures. When you are limited on time and money for getting your mobile apps tested, you might want to read on. In this article, we describe the best ten mobile application testing tools that can help you in implementing your mobile app testing tasks.


This article discusses the 10 best mobile application testing tools to help developers improve accuracy, efficiency, as well as coverage of testing for Android and iOS applications. 

  1. Test Complete

TestComplete is a comprehensive mobile test automation tool, that enables users to create and carry out UI tests on any mobile application. In addition, the tool supports the execution of UI tests on real iOS and Android devices. Another crucial benefit of using TestComplete is that it supports executing one mobile test on different devices with different resolutions and sizes.

  1. Test IO

Test IO is one of the most impeccable Software-as-a-Service tools for crowd testing. It is yet another powerful platform for mobile application testing. Test IO helps testers to test on real mobile devices. Moreover, it allows them to expand their test coverage to many real-world platforms, devices, and people. The only one condition for using Test IO platform is that your application should be compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and their every version.

  1. Appium

Appium is one of the best mobile app testing tools most professional testers use. Appium is an effective tool for web and mobile app testing. Appium works well even for hybrid applications. In mobile automation and testing using Appium, there is no requirement to modify any codes over the applications as Appium seamlessly integrates with both Android and iOS platforms. In addition, Appium is also meant for automated functional testing to improve the overall functionality of the applications.

  1. Robotium

Robotium is a testing tool that is designated for handling android apps only under an automated testing framework. Robotium is specifically designated for black-box testing on android applications. It uses JavaScript to prepare the test scripts. Some of the additional requirements for the seamless running of this tool are Android SDK, Eclipse for the test project, Android development Kit, and JDK.


  1. Xamarin.UITest

As the name suggests, the Xamarin.UITest is the framework that works feasibly for testing the UI acceptance over iOS or Android applications. It is the perfect testing tool for Android, iOS, and native applications. It supports cross-platform testing measures; the test scripts are written in C#. The best thing about Xamarin.UITest is that it integrates well with most of the Visual Studio Products.

  1. EggPlant

EggPlant is another GUI automation testing tool developed by TestPlant. It involves machine learning and artificial intelligence to shift from manual testing to automated testing, ensuring the rapid release of mobile applications. It effectively tests mobile applications that run on Android and iOS systems.


In addition to mobile testing, it also supports image-based testing, cross-browser testing, network testing, automated and functional testing, and web testing.

  1. XCUI Test

XCUI Test tool is meant for iOS app testing only. It allows the creation of UI tests for iOS apps and runs with Xcode IDE. It is a convenient testing tool for iOS app developers to derive accurate results to find and rectify the variations within. Moreover, the framework pairs up with the recorder tools to allow the testers to record the process instead of writing the codes. The text execution process is also fast and feasible for all apple devices.

  1. Kobiton

Kobiton allows you to experience seamless mobile testing with every release. Prevent the problems before checking your code and running tests on the devices. You will find automated testing, manual testing, and scriptless automation solutions for delivering releases faster.


Resolve failures by pinpointing efficiency and accuracy and instantly zoom in on the test failure with Session Explorer. Kobiton integrates with CI/CD tools for continuous testing and release at speed. Release even quicker with regression tests and performance metrics.

  1. 21Labs

21Labs is another Software-as-a-Service test automation platform. It is also an analytics platform for applications running on Android and iOS systems. As it is a SaaS platform, it does not require any installation. In addition, there is no need for devices needed to develop and run tests. With 21Labs, users can access hundreds of devices hassle-free.

  1. Perfecto

Perfecto is one of the best and most well-known mobile application and web testing platforms. Half of Perfecto’s customer base is Fortune 500 companies, like IBM, Verizon, Ford, LLOYDS BANK, ULTA, etc., as it has more than 15 years of experience in the testing domain.


Perfecto’s unmatched and incomparable technology can solve the toughest challenges while testing mobile and web applications. In addition, it supports parallel test execution across virtual and real-world devices. Perfector also supports test analytics, continuous, functional, performance, regression, and many more.

Final thoughts

Testing is one of the most vital fragments in any software or application’s development process. Every mobile application undergoes specific tests to ensure that it works appropriately according to its requirements. Therefore, it is essential to test mobile applications before they get launched, thus ensuring that they are fully functional and ready to go live.

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