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Education Ecosystem Announces a 5 Million LEDU Airdrop for Project Creators


In appreciation of our project creators and to encourage the creation of more projects, Education Ecosystem is pleased to announce a 5 Million LEDU BEP Airdrop for Project Creators.

At the heart of this airdrop is a broader plan to incentivize project creation and to retain creators on the platform. Both old and new project creators are eligible to receive rewards from this airdrop.

The airdrop will be distributed as follows.

For creating tutorial projects, old project creators will get:

1 Project — 5000 LEDU

2 Projects — 8000 LEDU

3 Projects — 10000 LEDU

For creating new tutorial projects, new project creators will get:

Join Education Ecosystem as Project Creator — 200 LEDU

Create 1 Project — 3000 LEDU

Create 2 Projects — 5000 LEDU

Create 3 Projects — 8000 LEDU

Distribution of the airdrop

The LEDU BEP-20 tokens will be airdropped to the creators’ wallets at a date that will be communicated on Education Ecosystem’s Twitter handle and through email. Project creators should reach out to the Project Creation Manager at [email protected], or update their LEDU BEP-20 address in this Google Form.

Giveaway on Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem will also be giving out branded T-Shirts to project creators who have created at least 3 projects between January 2018 and April 30, 2022.

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