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Education Ecosystem Proof of Work: Create a Project and Earn LEDU

Education Ecosystem’s goal is to become the world’s largest project-based learning library and disrupt the $360 billion professional development industry. One thing which sets us apart from traditional online educational companies is not only our commitment to intermediate and expert level learners, but also to teaching subscribers how to build complete products using real practical projects.

Many of our community members are involved in the industry and experts in some of the future technology fields which our platform focuses on (artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies etc). Experts such as these are the ideal candidates to become project creators. Project creators selected for projects have vast, real industry experience, with at least four years in their field. They love teaching and sharing their skills to train and educate the next generation to improve their practical career skills. Project creators in the ecosystem are rewarded with LEDU tokens as compensation for their work.

If you are already a LEDU token holder, becoming a project creator gives you a chance to become further involved in the ecosystem. While subscribers simply watch and learn, project creators can earn more LEDU by building interesting projects.


So how can you start building projects and earning LEDU?

First of all, check for our weekly announcements of projects to create. As our team and community does research and suggests projects we will seek out project creators to bring these projects to life. Each project will have a LEDU reward amount attached to it. If your project is selected then you will earn this reward. You can join other project creators on Education Ecosystem and create projects like these:







The second step is to apply to do a project and become a project creator. You can apply using this Google form.

After you apply for a project then a member of our team will speak to you to determine if you are qualified to become a project creator on our platform and provide you with specific criteria and guidelines. Once approved, you can start building your project. The project creator who submits the earliest and best project as determined by our project acquisition team will be awarded the project and be declared winner of the LEDU reward prize.

Becoming a project creator on the Education Ecosystem platform offers a lot of benefits. Not only are project creators rewarded with LEDU and key contributors in growing the ecosystem, they can also showcase their skills. Project creators are building projects for skills relevant today and in the future. These skills are important for jobs in various tech industries and by building projects, creators can show potential employers that they have the ability to not only perform important tasks, but also teach others how to do them as well.

Do you want to earn more LEDU? Do you think you have what it takes to become a project creator? Submit an application and let us know.

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