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Exclusive Interview with Nitin Sethi: An Analytics Engineer


1. Nitin, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Hi I am Nitin Sethi. I run a service business (Sethi Technologies) where we provide our clients with machine learning and AI based solutions. We have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the top fortune 500 companies within the last 2 years.

2. Why have you decided to create Machine Learning and Automation projects on Education Ecosystem?

 I am a firm believer in using AI and machine learning to improve the lives of people. All this starts with availability of good content to learn from. 

3. How has your experience at Education Ecosystem been this far?

Education Ecosystem has been doing a tremendous job and getting the top experts to create projects on their platform. No doubt, it is the number 1 platform both in terms of content quality (since it’s from people with experience) and technology.

4. What are some of your accomplishments? Tell us about your significant projects. Which project makes you feel the proudest?

We have built an amazing team of Data Scientists and product owners who are helping fortune 500 companies in optimizing their decision making using ML and AI. We helped a leading automobile manufacturer forecast the warranty returns from its raw component suppliers. We also worked with a leading US based retailer in planning their sourcing from suppliers and came up with data driven approach for vendor negotiations. We made a dollar impact of approx. 100 Million and this number quantifying the impact makes me proud.

5. As a Machine Learning expert, what are your greatest strengths and achievements?

My ability to identify business problems and solve them using machine learning is my biggest strength. This is what has enabled us to grow so fast as a business and help our clients. Honesty in the work we do and maintaining clear communication with our clients, we always ensure timely delivery and keeping the commitments made to our partners and clients.

6. What are some of your biggest weaknesses?

I had been working mostly by myself and a small team but now we have started bringing in more expert talent in our company. Hiring a very experienced AI expert as our head of AI has helped us grow even faster.

7. Where do you see Machine Learning and Automation in 5 years?

I think Machine Learning will be so common that it will be hard to distinguish whether something is natural or because of Machine Learning.

8. What project are you currently working on?

Education is a fundamental right of every individual and it is everyone’s responsibility to educate kids who are unprivileged. AI empowers students as well as teachers in some of the tasks like evaluating students’ performance based on their engagement in class, identifying places where the course needs improvement etc.

All these areas are still untapped and my company is proactively doing research on these areas. We are also doing active research in the Private AI space where we are ensuring building ML capabilities with Data Privacy.

9. Would you recommend the Education Ecosystem to others? Why?

Yes definitely. Watching experts do, learning from them, understanding the way they think and operate is the best way to acquire any skill. Education Ecosystem is at the forefront of the same – Best quality content from top talent all around the globe.

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