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How Do the Blind Code and Debug Software? – – CodeTalk

Let’s us stop writing code, hold off a minute and rather talk about why we write code  the way we do. Say hello to “ CodeTalk”.

The first stage of writing the first line of code for your project is thinking about which technologies you are going to use and why. Why does Alexbooker  love #Nodejs so much compared to #Reactjs? Why is Bill-auger building the streaming client with #C++ and not #Java?

 This part of software development is normally not discussed because it does not involve writing any code but it is a critical aspect of every product development. It involves discussions on specification requirement, code architecture, backend architecture, frontend architecture, database models, ERD/UML diagrams, workflows, advantages and disadvantages of different programming languages, frameworks, APIs, plugins, tools, cloud services, etc. What are the hottest programming languages like #D, #Golang, #Clojure and #Wolfram? Which use cases are they good for? To facilitate conversations on these topics on, we are launching  “ CodeTalk”.

Dyerrington alias David Yerrington, a Data Expert  already hosted a test CodeTalk on Data Science with needle alias Jeremy Wong, a Frontend Ninja. The idea is that people can pair up on to host CodeTalks on software and technology topics they are interested in. A CodeTalk involves a guest and a host. The host will be asking questions and moderating the session. The audience also asks questions and contribute. You can host CodeTalks on any topic you choose.  It can be  for example a comparison of Javascript frameworks, new Python versions, latest hot technologies, cloud services.

Hosting a CodeTalk is easy. All the host needs to do is to go live on and call the guest on Skype. From there make the call visible on screen. (Mind you CodeTalk is in alpha mode and we are testing things out before we announce it officially, so please bear with us while we iron out the imperfections ;))

We will also be bringing in industry experts from different parts of the world to discuss software and technology topics that they are very passionate about.

Screenshot_280Our first official CodeTalk will be this Frid, Jan 29 at 12pm ET, (9am PST, 5pm GMT), with Parham Doustdar, a blind PHP engineer.  

Have you ever wondered how blind developers are able to write clean code and debug? In this upcoming session we’ll be giving people an overview about accessibility tools and coding environments (IDE, OS, pc setup) blind developers use to write and debug code. Parham lives in Teheran, Iran and is passionate about PHP and writes articles on accessibility tools.

 Follow his channel and join him live this Friday at 12pm ET, (9am PST, 5pm GMT) for CodeTalk .


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