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How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on Livecoin

Education tokens (LEDU) are now trading on Livecoin. This article will explain how to purchase tokens on the Livecoin exchange. See also How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on DcoinLATOKENExratesMercatox, and IDEX.

Sign Up

1) First, if you’re not registered on Livecoin.net click the “Open a Track Account” button on the top right to view the following sign up window.



2) Next, deposit ETH or BTC into your exchange account.


3) When depositing ETH you will be asked to send ETH to an address provided by the exchange. If depositing BTC you will be asked to send BTC to an address provided by the exchange.


4) Open your ETH wallet and send the amount you would like to deposit to that address. If you are using BTC, open your BTC wallet and send the amount you would like to deposit to the address provided.


5) Once you have ETH or BTC on your Livecoin.net account then you are ready to purchase LEDU tokens.


6) LEDU tokens on Livecoin.net are available in BTC and ETH pairs, meaning you can use BTC or ETH to purchase. Locate the LEDU/ETH pair and click on trade to purchase Education coins if you want to use ETH. If you want to use BTC locate the LEDU/BTC pair.





7) You will be taken to the trading page where you can buy LEDU tokens. Simply enter the amount you wish to purchase and click the BUY ETH — -> LEDU to purchase LEDU tokens.


8) Once you’ve completed your purchase the token balance will be visible in your Livecoin.net exchange account.


10) Now that you’ve purchased LEDU tokens you can withdraw them to your ERC20 token wallet. Simply click on withdraw, and enter the withdrawal address where you wish to send the tokens and amount in the TRANSFER TO WALLET section.


Get LEDU Coin


Get LEDU coins now on Dcoin, LATOKEN, Exrates, Livecoin, Mercatox and IDEX or use the LEDU OTC Trading program for large purchases. Read more about LEDU coins on our project page and ask any questions you might have on our Twitter page.

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