How to Claim Ethereum Name Service Airdrop

You may have heard how to claim ENS airdrop and even word ENS more frequently this year than in other years. The reason is that cryptocurrency has experienced a significant shift this year than other years. Another reason you may have heard it recently is because of the ENS airdrop in November.

Like every new cryptocurrency, airdrops help support the new crypto blockchain. The way airdrops are released to earlier adopters, similar to Ethereum Name Service airdrop. The essence of ENS  airdrops is to generate publicity and increase their adoption.

While this article is dedicated to how to claim Ethereum Name Service airdrop, it is interesting to have some details about Ethereum Name Service itself. In this article, Concurrently, sit back to learn about Ethereum Name Service and its airdrop.

ENS: Ethereum Name Service

Ethereum Name Services work just like Domain Name Services in that they help give nicknames for easy recognition of addresses. Put it this way, ethereum wallets have addresses that machines can only read. These wallet addresses are usually long numbers and are almost unmemorable.

There is a new development to the naming technology to ensure that you can remember your wallets addresses, websites, and content hashes. This advancement will allow for the conversion of machine-read addresses to human-read addresses. The conversion of addresses from forms only machines can read to forms humans can read too.

Experts describe Ethereum Name Service as a distributed, open, and extensible naming system offering decentralized-secured domain naming and lookup services. You can infer that Ethereum Name Service works with websites, wallets, and metadata from the above.

Unlike what you’ll expect, Ethereum Name Service is not unique to only address. The name generated can cover websites, wallets, and metadata. So, it’s easy for you to sell, buy and trade your “nickname.”

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We must mention that Ethereum Name Service often end in “.eth” as they are ethereum based. So, you get something like “your nickname. eth”, great!

Having known this, let’s delve deeper into the Ethereum Name Service airdrops and tokens.

Ethereum Name Service Tokens and Airdrops

The ENS tokens are critical steps in establishing the dominance of the ENS protocol in the market. The token will transfer power to the community, technical framework, and development.

Like other airdrops, ENS airdrops launched at 7 pm on the 8th of November. On this day and after this day, traders who have owned some ENS tokens on or before the 31st of October 2021 will be eligible to claim their tokens! 

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However, claiming ENS airdrop are purely by a calculated formula on the wallet’s address history. Here is a breakdown to help with the formula

  • The age of the.ETH address
  • The expiring dates of the address. {Longer registrations gain more ENS}
  • The owners with already set addresses, formerly called Reverse Record, will be getting a 2X multiplier

The ENS airdrop will be distributed to all wallet holders in their wallet addresses on these factors. You must know that the distribution of ENS is my wallet address before heading to claim your ENS airdrop, not wallet names.

In total, a sum of 100 Million tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 25% of airdrops will be going to ethereum wallet holders
  • Another 25% will be going to the ENS contributors: individuals, group, or discord users
  • 50% to the DAO community.

How to claim an ENS token

Claiming ENS tokens shouldn’t be challenging after reading these basic steps.

  • First, go to
  • Ensure to connect your wallet Connetc wallet
  • Select the start your claim process optionClaim ENS airdrop
  • Review your ENS info, then continue the processENS airdrop information
  • Ensure to vote constitutionally. Doing so will help shape the community. You can vote using snapshots. After voting, ensure to submit your vote by confirmation of your wallet.

ENS constitution

  • Choose a delegate: this procedure of how to claim your ENS airdrop is to help you pick a member from the community to represent you in case you change your mind. You can choose a delegate by picking from the delegate applicants or listing .eth addresses. Users can delegate to themselves by entering their ENS name.Choose delegate
  • Finally, ensure to confirm your claim amount and your delegate choice. Afterward, you can select “claim,” which will initiate the transaction. Since the transaction is on-chain, expect to pay for some gas fees.

Claim airdrop

Please note that the claim website is open till the 4th of MAY, 2022. Afterward, the gas fee may decrease.

To Wrap It Up

Here you have it; you can enjoy free tokens by participating in airdrops as they come. You need to know the dates, accumulate the airdrops, and claim them after launching.

Claiming your airdrops shouldn’t be much of a hassle as we have extensively explained the processes of claiming an ENS token airdrop.

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