How to download project resources on Education Ecosystem


As a learner in Education Ecosystem, you can download the available project resources to follow along with the instructor. Typically project resources would contain source code and other relevant materials that will improve your learning experience. 

How to download project files

It is easy to download the project files. You can simply click on the project, and click on the Download Project files button.

Download project files

You can also watch the short video below to see how to download project files.

Video on downloading project files

Note: You can only download project files if you are already logged in with an account.

What if there’s no download button for project file

You would not be able to download the files if there is a Download Project files button. This is usually because the content creator has not uploaded the files. You can contact the content creator if you would like to download the files.


It is easy to download the project files. All you have to do is click on the Download Project files button. We recommend you to download the files as it would make your learning easier. 

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