How to use Matic Bridge to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon

A significant challenge that has plagued blockchains to date is the lack of interoperability. As a result, decentralized applications on a particular platform are generally locked into that platform with little or no opportunity to leverage the benefits of other blockchains.


A blockchain bridge provides a connection that allows the transfer of tokens or crypto assets between two different blockchain ecosystems. One of the most efficient ways to utilize your assets is to bridge it to a Layer 2 network that inherits the security guarantees of Ethereum. 


This article will outline how to bridge tokens from Ethereum to polygon using the official Matic bridge, also known as the Proof-of-Stake bridge.



Go to your Matic Web Wallet

Matic Web Wallet

Connect to your Ethereum wallet 

Connect to your Ethereum wallet using one of the methods above, In this case, we will go with Metamask.

Sign the transaction

Sign the transaction by clicking the “Sign” button: (it costs nothing)

Metamask Transaction Signature

Once you have connected, you will see the bridging UI of the MATIC PoS bridge.


Move funds to Matic Mainnet;

Matic Mainnet

Here, you can as well use the dropdown to choose the token you want to bridge;

Transfer to Matic network

Input the quantity to bridge

After you key in the amount you want to bridge, you will see a pop up with some information about the bridging transfer, click the “Transfer” button to continue:


You’ll see a transfer overview that shows the transaction information and for example the total gas required to bridge the tokens over. If the details are correct, click the “Continue” to proceed and follow any further instructions on the screen.

Input the quantity to bridge

Once your tokens are transferred, it will take 8–10 minutes for them to get to your wallet address on the Polygon Chain.

How do you view your tokens?

You can view your tokens from the dashboard as shown below;

Matic wallet dashboard


Polygon’s Proof of Stake network is more environmentally-friendly than Ethererum’s current Proof of Work chain. Bridging your assets allows you to scale the activities on Ethereum in an efficient way. Once your assets are bridged, you can choose to swap and stake tokens, play games, purchase NFTs, and foray more into Web3 with ease.

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