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Ines – New Content Creator Manager

Ines – Our new content creator manager!


Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that Ines will be a part of our Education Ecosystem team! She will be working as the Content Creator manager, where her role consists of managing the content creators. She will be helping you out with the questions you have regarding creating content.


Ines started her career in IT a few years ago, when she came back to Croatia, after studying in Birmingham, UK. She discovered her passion for creating video games. After learning C# and .NET Framework, she also developed an interest for frontend Development, and specialized in JavaScript and React. 


Her role will consist of:

  • Managing Content Creators and content for tutorials
  • Making sure that creators are paid
  • Making sure that the content follows our guidelines
  • Assigning new projects to content creators
  • Onboarding new creators


If you are a creator and have any questions, you can reach her via email at [email protected] or in our Creator Slack group.

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