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LiveEdu Playbook for Content Creators to get more Viewers and Make Money

streamers content manual

New to streaming? Want to get started on Or are you an experienced streamer, looking to learn how to take your streaming to the next level?

Welcome to the LiveEdu Content Marketing Manual for Streamers.

By the time you finish reading this handy guide, you’ll know the following:

    • How to setup a proper and effective stream.
    • Tips, tricks, and tools for making your streams great.
    • The problems all streamers run into, and the most effective ways to fix them.
    • How to build an enthusiastic audience.
  • How to turn your awesome stream into cold, hard cash.

… And much, much more!

We’ve got a lot of stuff to cover. So, without wasting much more time, let’s get started!


This article has over 4,200 words for you to read through, so we want you to know what to expect! Here an overview of the topics that we’ll be covering.

    1. A quick-start streaming guide to help you start your stream in just 5 minutes.
    1. Essential tools for running an effective stream.
    1. Useful tips for both new and experienced streamers.
    1. How to build a killer audience – and retain it.
    1. How to learn from the audience while they learn from you.
  1. The money making guide to help you earn cash from your stream.

Streaming Guide:


Streaming Guide

If you’re new to streaming and wondering where to get started, the streaming guide is exactly what you need to get your channel going without hassle, headaches, or wasted time.

Check out the streaming guide and get your stream up and running in the next 5 minutes by clicking the button below.

Profile and Project Description:

Setting up a proper stream is extremely important on LiveEdu, because streams with improper setups doesn’t get any viewers. Here are the following steps you must follow in order to set up a proper stream.

First, you must have a completed profile and project description, in order to help your viewers understand the project you are working on.

Incomplete or improperly filled profiles and project descriptions do not get the attention of viewers, and your chat will not have any messages.

Click the button below and know how you can create a powerful profile page.

Tools to Make Your Live Stream Cool

Everyone on LiveEdu wants to make their live stream awesome. After all, your channel becomes a huge part of your identity after you spend enough time on it.

Want to make sure you stream is ahead of the pack? Make sure you’ve got the right hardware, starting with your webcam.

Your Webcam

The webcam is your most important tool to get lots of viewers. Viewers like to see the face behind the code, and it’s hard to get them to stay and listen to you until you give them a glimpse of you as well as the code you write. They want to see you having fun, getting sidetracked, and even getting frustrated. Letting your audience see you is the key to making you more likeable.

The end result? Maximum interactivity with your audience.

So, to get an idea of what your stream will look like once you’ve stamped your face on it, check out this screenshot:


Using WebCam For Maximum Interaction


Now that you’ve got your webcam, you need to have a microphone. One is pretty useless without the other – no one wants to be bored to death watching a stream with no voice.

The best way to quickly explain your ideas and clearly communicate with your audience is to have a microphone set up with your webcam.

Still don’t believe me? Try streaming with no mic, then do the same stream with a mic. The difference will be painfully clear.


At LiveEdu, we love bots. They make our life interesting, awesome, and easy. Chatbots, specifically, add loads of spice to your chat that you simply can’t get out of normal bots.

Using chatbots will guarantee random awesomeness in your chat windows.

Want to see how our streamers competed against each other to create an army of chat bots? Click here to check out the awesome.

One of our amazing live streamers, Cristy94, created a really cool chat bot that you can try out. Click here to try it now!

You can build your own chatbot easily on your LiveEdu channel, which will help you engage with your audience in an effective way.

Click the button below and know how you can build your own chatbot:

iFrames and Text

You can use iFrames and text to greatly improve the appearance of your streams. The banner is changeable, and you can modify everything from the image, to the channel, to past/current projects, etc.


Sharing code with your audience can be done using Pastebin. Pastebin is a small utility that lets you share code the right way. Click here to check out Pastebin!

Follower’s Notification for LiveEdu

Everyone loves getting new followers. Nothing feels better than hearing a “pop,” “ding,” or “buzz” whenever someone hits that follow button.

To make sure that you never miss out on that feeling, one of our streamers, Dyerrington, created a great plugin for notifying you when someone follows your channel.

You can easily configure your notification sound from the list of sound files in a directory. Get the notification plugin by clicking here!


Keycastr is yet another nifty tool to spice up your stream.

With keycastr, you can visualize the keystroke on your live stream, making all of those click-clack sounds understandable for your audience.

Keycastr is open source and can be downloaded from here or here.

The only downside? It’s only compatible with Mac computers for now.

Display PC Information:

Ever wondered if your PC’s performance is suffering during an intense streaming session?

Now, you can quickly check your PC performance with a simple OBS plugin, Stream Music Displayer.

Essential Now Playing:

Essential Now Playing is an impressive OBS plugin to stream music along with your livestream. It supports a lot of popular desktop players and web apps for song streaming purposes.


InfoWriter is another OBS plugin that logs timestamps on your stream when a hotkey is pressed. It also works on recording sessions, and is a great plugin for showing key information during the stream with the press of a simple key.

LiveEdu Badges

LiveEdu badges enable broadcasters and viewers to not only showcase their personality but also help them increase social media traffic to their broadcasts or channel. The badges are particularly useful for broadcasters who already have a popular website or blog. They can also use the badges to redirect tons of traffic to their broadcast, making it, and them, more successful in the long run.


LiveEdu Badges

Click the button below to know how you can embed badges into your website/blogs.

There you have it! 14 awesome tools to make streaming easier, more effective, and more fun.

How to embed a livestream or video on a third party site

Now you can embed your livestream, video and chat on your or any 3rd party site, here is the short guide which will help you in embedding.

Useful Tips for Streamers:

With all the tools we told you about, we’re sure you’re more than ready for your next big stream.

But don’t start just yet. You may be new to the platform, or simply have no clue how to make your stream a great one. To ensure that you don’t get lost in the void, we recommend you follow these tips, curated by our star streamers and moderators.

    • Use chatbots to answer common questions to new viewers. Follow the simple tutorial to get it done. Need an example? Check out the awesome channel by ca2.
    • Add commands in chat. It’ll make sure common questions are answered.
    • Continually work on and maintain your chat. A clean chat will make sure more visitors are participating, and less of them are leaving your stream. Can’t handle it by yourself? Bring on some admins to your chat to moderate for you.
    • Use polls. This helps you understand viewers choices and stream accordingly. Polls are also great for generating feedback!
    • Chat with your viewers. Do this on any platform (Win, Mac, or Android) by integrating it with external XMPP.
    • Use the OBS profile saving feature. Do this to quick start your LiveEdu streaming.
    • Share your streams. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more for maximum exposure. Linking your social profiles will also help your channel grow!
  • Use The Knowledge Base. We’re happy to help solve your problems! You can also contact us.

How to Build an Audience:

LiveEdu is based on the idea of Community Development. We’ve built a community of learners who actively develop products for self-learning and other curious people who love to watch people code.

For streamers, you’ve got to build a loyal audience if you want your channel to survive in the long term. The more followers you have, the more views your videos will get, and the more popular you will become as a streamer.

Building an audience starts with you. Your job is to take care of your audience and make sure to over-deliver on all of your promises. Once your channel builds a decent following, you’ll enjoy all of the perks that come with being well-known in the community, you’ll also have the chance to make money with your channel.

There a lot of ways to go about building your audience, but here are some of the best tips we can offer:

Stream Regularly

Inconsistent streaming schedules are the number one reason channels fail! Viewers can’t wait 24/7  for streamers to show up randomly. They want to know ahead of time about streams, therefore don’t stream randomly. Make your streaming schedule and stream at the same time each week so viewers can easily remember when you stream, e.g. 3pm every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Irregular streaming not only costs you your channel growth, but it also gives your subscribers a chance to go looking for content elsewhere.

The highest cost? Lost donations and earning opportunities.

Bottom line? Be consistent with your streams to give your channel the best chance for explosive growth.

Click the button below to know the reasons why you should stream regularly.

Tactic #1 – Engage Your Audience as Team Members

Everyone wants to feel important, and your audience is no exception. To keep your viewers happy, treat each audience member like a valued member of your team. This keeps your viewers engaged, improves your relationship with your audience/followers, and puts your channel on the fast track to success on LiveEdu.

There are lots of ways to do this, so let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Make Your Profile Your Identity

Show people who you are – no one wants to follow a ghost.

We provide a profile section for a reason. Fill yours up with anything you think is shareable and don’t mind making public. Be aware of the limits, and make sure you aren’t sharing anything private or confidential.

The first things people look at when they look at your profile are-

    • Who you are
    • How many years of experience you have
    • The programming language(s) you are interested in
    • Your location
  • Your website, etc.

We even set a field for the favorite line of code, which is an awesomely simple way to connect with the audience using just one line of code. Many streamers opt to enter the funny lines of code that reflect their personality.

Make the most out of your profile, as it will make or break your LiveEdu career.

Here’s an example of a well-done profile from angryalbino.


Well-done Profile

2. Make Your Screen Readable.

No one’s going to watch a stream they can’t read.

Without a clear screen, visitors will leave instantly. That sucks for you, because you lose viewers, and it also sucks for the viewers that wasted time clicking on a stream they couldn’t follow.

To make sure you don’t run into this problem, make sure your screen is as readable as possible.

Choose larger fonts and light colors against dark backgrounds. If you’d rather use a white background, make sure your font color is dark.

To get started, visit our streamer guide.

Want an example of what a readable screen looks like? Check the screenshot below!


Readable Screen

3. Use Your Thumbnail/Splash Screen to Attract Viewers

Your splash screen or thumbnail is a major opportunity to maximize your channel’s visibility. These elements should be used both online and offline.

Here’s a great example: you can use your splash screen to notify your channel subscribers/visitors on when you’re going live next. This is a killer way to build anticipation for your streams.

Here are some other things you can share on your splash screen:

    • Tell visitors about your next stream. Answer the questions when, what and who?
    • Market your channel by uploading a good-looking splash screen.
  • Mention your donors to improve your relationship with them and encourage other viewers to donate (or get the old donors to redonate).

How Big Should Your Splash Screen Be?

We recommend using a 1024 x 576-dimensional image for your splash screen, but feel free to experiment with image sizes!

Tactic #2 – Create a Learning Environment

LiveEdu’s #1 goal is to provide education in a completely revolutionary way.

Coders, engineers, software architects, budding learners, etc. come to your channel to learn something new, so you should do everything you can to create the best learning environment possible to communicate on a deeper level.

Want to create the best learning environment you can? Try these suggestions:

    • Choose some tunes to go with your streams. It makes your stream much more entertaining. Try to always include music into your streams to keep from being boring!
    • Encourage your viewers to ask questions. Also, don’t be too imposing, it’ll make your viewers hesitate before asking anything. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and make the whole streaming session a lesson learned.
  • Share code and other vital information relevant to your project.

Announce Your Stream When You Go Live

Want to grab a viewer’s attention before you even go live? Announce it beforehand.

This simple action will certainly capture the attention of audiences and guarantee you healthy viewership of the channel.

You can announce your stream on both mobile and web platforms for engaging them, as well as social media platforms such as Twitter/Facebook (always use hashtags with them).

Also, use a clear stream title and your streamer username mentioned alongside it!

Use Captivating Stream Titles

Don’t blend into the crowd. There are lots of streams on LiveEdu that have boring, non-captivating, generic and non-relating titles.

    • Not-Captivating title: Work on Ruby Application.
    • Generic Title: Android Application
  • Non-Relating title: Code like a Champion.

Check out the screenshot below to see the right way to title your stream!


the right way to title your stream

Wondering what an informative stream title looks like? Here you go . . .

Good vs Bad Topic Names

Good Stream TitlesBad Stream Titles
Python Django Rest API for Mobile App - PharmaMy Working Day + Music :3
GameDev - Flappy Defense Launch Party!!Good Vibes & Good Code, Come Chat

The more popular the language, the more viewers will be interested in it.Stream a Popular Project

Stream popular code, projects, and languages to create top-notch learning environments for interested viewers.

Less popular languages and platforms will always attract less interest from the viewers. Always.

So go for the popular ones first, if your goal is to grow your audience.

Promote Yourself/Stream

There’s nothing wrong or tacky about self-promotion. It’s actually the best thing for your channel.

To make the most out of your channel, promote yourself and your channel on your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts, as well as other platforms.

For example, Reddit is a great place to announce your next stream. Choose the right subreddit, and you are bound to get tons of visitors in a short period of time.

Want even more places to promote your content? Try some coding forums.

Click the button below to know how you can market your streams:

Let your viewers work for you!Ask Your Viewers to Promote Your Channel

Ask your viewers to share your stream/channel to their favorite social media platform, and you’ll be surprised at just how far this simple request will go. Just try it and watch it work for you.

A loyal audience will be happy to get you the right exposure on social media platforms.

How to Retain Your Audience as Team Members

Apparently, you have now built an audience. And, you think that the hard work is done.

Wrong! The hard work starts now!

The biggest challenge any streamer faces is retaining their audience. Retaining the audience is a harder task compared to building an audience.

Below are some tips and techniques for retaining your audience.

Know Your Audience

Taking the time to get to know your viewers can make a world of difference for your channel. Your most devoted visitors will constantly keep your streaming chat busy, ask questions, and donate.

Keep a tab on those viewers and make it your mission to interact with them on a regular basis. Want to really make these viewers feel special? Try announcing them on your profile page!


Know Your Audience!

Keep a Streaming Schedule

If irregular streams will ruin your channel, scheduling them in advance will boost it exponentially.

Your audience will love you for sticking to a schedule and giving them regular content, and you’ll also show off your reliability

If you follow your schedule, viewers will like and trust your stream much more than they do less-structured channels.

At LiveEdu, we provide an automated streaming schedule to help you plan your streams.

Check it out — LiveEdu Streaming Schedule.


LiveEdu Streaming Schedule

The automated scheduler works by giving you the ability to add, delete, and modify streaming information. Viewers get a bird’s eye view of the streams in advance, and you get the right exposure.

You can also use the offline splash screen to let viewers know if your streaming time changes.

Narrate To Your Audience

No one wants to stare at a big, long, boring wall of code with no explanation or understanding.

To avoid boring your audience to death and effectively communicate with them, you must interact with your audience!

You can narrate any way you like. It can be related to the current stream, or a discussion on other topics like culture, sports, etc. We’ve seen lots of streamers indulge in “unrelated” conversation, but don’t do it too often — it waters down the value of your channel. Stay focused!

Also, always use a good mic when answering questions. You can also choose to use the chat window if you don’t have (or use) a mic.

Engage Your Viewers

Communication is a two-way street. To engage your viewers, allow them to engage you.

Ask them questions every now and then. Ask things like, “how readable is my screen?” or “is my music too loud?”

Asking these basic questions will open up the lines of communication and make the audience feel much more comfortable with you.

Here are some other ways to engage your audience:

    • Do a raffle of the product you are developing. The winner gets a copy of your final product.
    • Use polls to get feedback. The polls are the easiest way to get the audience start contributing to the channel.
    • Share code and other resources whenever possible.
  • Share knowledge and pro tips for free.

Viewer Poll

Encourage Your Followers

Watching other people code on complex projects can be scary, especially for newbie coders. They may be afraid to ask questions, or worse, leave in the middle of the stream.

Make it easy for visitors to ask a question and encourage them to keep watching. Ask them questions and answer their queries in simple, helpful ways.

Make your viewer’s life easier by pointing them to tutorial videos or blog posts to explain your content, or better. Explain it yourself.

These small acts will encourage viewers and make them a loyal to your channel.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media has a lot of potential for streamers!

Here are just a few of the ways you can use social media to grow your channel:

    • Use social media to actively share your streams and reach your audience.
    • Start active participation on social media platforms such as Facebook and ask friends, family and others to watch your stream. Show them how your stream is different and give them a reason to watch it.
    • If you are serious about managing your audience, you can start a Facebook page or Twitter handle to share your streams and other technical knowledge. Create a following of your own. Turn your name into a brand!
  • Be aware of viewer’s problems and expectations and address them in your upcoming streams.

Shape Your Community

The culture of your community depends on how you engage with them. Make them feel important and helped, and you’ll automatically get recommendations from your viewers, increasing your channel followers.

Just keep one thing in mind — each community is different and you should handle it accordingly.

Make sure to create synergy in your team!

How to Learn From Your Audience

There are many instances where the viewers have helped streamers improve their code.

No matter whether it’s debugging their code, refining an idea, or providing a complete solution, you should respect your viewers’ knowledge. They’re smart and capable too!

Here are some ways you can learn from your audience:

Ask Questions

Your audience is a valuable source of information. Make use of your audience’s knowledge to learn new things by asking questions and opinions whenever you need some help.

You will be surprised how beneficial such exchanges often are, and you’ll make your audience feel important.

Read the Conversation in the Chat Room

Yes, we know, sometimes it may be difficult to follow the conversation your followers have on the chat box while coding live. That’s fine!

You can review the conversations when you go “offline,” and it’ll help you gauge where your viewers are in terms of what they understand and what they are interested in viewing.

You can also use chat overlay to read comments during coding sessions, but we don’t recommend this if you easily lose your concentration.

Engage Your Viewers in Online Activities

Invite your viewers to participate in online group activities. It will help you to understand how they use the things you teach them.

Smart streamers will use this opportunity to gauge their performance and identify areas that need improvement.

    1. Play games with them
  1. raffle something created by you, like game points, point bonuses, game lives, it can be anything

Making Money on LiveEdu

Yes, you can make money with your stream!

Viewers often donate to streamers as a sign of appreciation for the knowledge they gain from them. Here are a few tips to motivate your followers to donate.

    • Keep track of your previous donors. Give them shout outs on your splash screen, and on your social media.
    • Whenever someone donates to you, make sure to mention him/her in your chat. It will motivate other people to donate to you, and also make the donor feel important and honored.
  • You can also set an RSS feed for your live donations, so you can see them in real time on your transactions page.

Donating on LiveEdu

Streamers have been helping a lot of people in the community doing code reviews, fixing bugs, solving backend technical issues and building products from scratch.

Donating on LiveEdu


Donation on LiveEdu

A lot of people have been asking for a way to hire streamers for private 1:1 and group sessions, so we are have launched the “Hire Me” service which is an easy way to hire and pay a streamer.

This will help streamers to make money so they invest more time into building more professional, educational and engaging products on their channels.

How Somebody Can Hire You?

Anyone can hire you to review their code, backend architecture review, solve technical issues, prepare for exams, help on homework, build modules or new products from scratch.

To hire a streamer, e.g. michgeek on LiveEdu:

  1. A viewer who wants to hire you will go on your channel and click the “Hire” button.

    The “Hire” button

  2. After clicking on the “Hire” button, a window will pop up. He can watch your skills and tasks,  Read this carefully.

When giving paid sessions, You can make the stream public or private. The streamer’s hourly price is also shown on the same window.


Paid Sessions

  1. Employee will click the Hire Now  and add the number of hours and describe what he want.
  2. If they click Pay Now they land on the payment page where they pay and LiveEdu holds the money in escrow. You will get a booking email notification.

    Check out Screen

  3. you will be contacted by the person who want to hire you on LiveEdu and deliver on the private session. LiveEdu will secure your payment from the employer and release it to you on successful delivery of the project.

Any questions about hiring streamers? Check out our knowledge base. If you still can’t find an answer, click the “submit a request” button to send us a message.

How do I activate my channel for hiring as a streamer? How do I get paid out?

People will mostly likely hire streamers who stream a lot and have built an audience and reputation on LiveEdu, so if you want to get hired, the best way to start is to stream well and stream often. Try to stream every week so people get to know you and the products you build.

If you are a streamer and want to activate your channel for hiring, go on your profile edit page, and click the Hiring Profile button to add your details. Make sure you fully fill out your channel page, as streamers with full channel page and stream educational and professional content will be more likely to be booked! Example of an awesome profile

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start streaming today. Set up your account and join a community of over 220,000 coders from 194 countries, 266 programming languages and 21,000 projects being developed live.

Money through Quality Content

You can make money on LiveEdu by generating quality, engaging, and premium content. Broadcasters can also make money if they are selected to stream premium projects.

Streamers can also make money if they are selected to stream premium projects.

Streamers on LiveEdu can make money in three ways.

  • Subscription revenue
  • Advertising revenue
  • Both: Subscription and Advertising revenue

Click the button below to know about Making Money on LiveEdu.

LiveEdu Project Deletion Policy:

To improve the platform more user-friendly, we have decided to have a project deletion policy. This will ensure that the best content stays and performs well on the platform without the user worrying about spam and low-quality content.

So, how does it all work?

To ensure that the content on LiveEdu is useful for the viewers, we will delete projects under the following circumstances.

  • Project with content that violates LiveEdu’s Terms of Service (ToS).
  • Projects marked as silent.
  • Projects with total views less than 200 views (if you sum up all views of videos in the project playlist).

Read more about our Project deletion policy:

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