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LiveEdu project and video updates

In the past month, we’ve started gaining more projects from you, our Project Creators. Our goal as an educational platform is to make sure that the quality and educational value of projects is top notch and that they are unique enough for our users to be interested in watching them.

In other words, when you think of the project, ask yourself, would you pay for it yourself. If there are no similar free projects on YouTube or elsewhere and you think it’s worth to be paid for – then feel free to proceed. Otherwise, contact your Project Manager so they can help you make it better and more appealing to our users.

So here are some new updates that we’d like you to consider that will help to make your projects better:

1. Length of the projects

Ideally, each project has to be 6-10 hours long. However, if you have a unique topic that takes less time that adds value to LiveEdu, talk to your Project Manager and explain why this project will be valuable to our audience.
If the project takes more than 10 hours to explain; then break it down into several standalone projects. Each should be made from scratch and not interfere with previous.
For example:
You are working on “How to create RPG in Unity,” and it will take more than 10 hours to finish, then you break into multiple projects as follows:
How to create RPG in Unity: Character, Attributes, Controls
How to create RPG in Unity: NPCs, Quest system (or dialogues)
How to create RPG in Unity: Enemies AI
How to create RPG in Unity: Bosses mechanics

Another example:
You are building a mobile app, and it will take more than 10 hours to finish you can break into two projects:
“How to create backend of a mobile app”
“How to create frontend of a mobile app”

2. Video length

From now, it’s possible to create short videos. However, the maximum for one video is still the same; it shouldn’t exceed 60 minutes. Always try to break your sessions, so each task you work on is a separate video. Here’s how you can break down your session:
Session 1: < session/block title> – 3-5 mins video with what you are going to teach in this session block.
Session 1.1:
Session 1.2:

Session 1.5 – 3-5 mins video with what you’ve taught in this block and what you’ll be teaching in the next block.

Session 2: <session/block title>
Session 2.1:

If you have some session/feature that takes more than one hour to explain, break it down this way:
Session 1: part 1
Session 1.1: part 2

The length of any video within a session block can vary from 5-60 minutes. It all depends on the project and if it makes sense to make short sessions. Remember, name your videos to match session names in your curriculum and mention which session it is at the beginning of each video. This will help viewers be able to navigate when watching your project.

At the beginning of each session, block out what you are going to be teaching in that session and at the end of each session do a short recap of what you have taught in the session and what viewers are going to learn in the next one.

If you’re not sure about something – always talk to your category Project Manager.

About author

I, Dr. Michael J. Garbade is the co-founder of the Education Ecosystem (aka LiveEdu), ex-Amazon, GE, Rebate Networks, Y-combinator. Python, Django, and DevOps Engineer. Serial Entrepreneur. Experienced in raising venture funding. I speak English and German as mother tongues. I have a Masters in Business Administration and Physics, and a Ph.D. in Venture Capital Financing. Currently, I am the Project Lead on the community project -Nationalcoronalvirus Hotline I write subject matter expert technical and business articles in leading blogs like,, Cybrary, Businessinsider,, TechinAsia, Coindesk, and Cointelegraph. I am a frequent speaker and panelist at tech and blockchain conferences around the globe. I serve as a start-up mentor at Axel Springer Accelerator, NY Edtech Accelerator, Seedstars, and Learnlaunch Accelerator. I love hackathons and often serve as a technical judge on hackathon panels.