Career Development Project New Layout: What’s New?


The new project channel is the biggest change in our update. With the update, streamers can now have a proper URL for their project. The change also brought some crucial changes in the User interface of the website.

In this article, we will go forward and discuss the new Project layout. The new layout will enable viewers to get a quick glimpse of what the project offers. Let’s go through the sections one by one.

The Top Section


The stream section

Video or LiveStream: The first thing that you will notice is the livestream or video section.

Project name and streamer info: On the left hand side of the player, you will notice the Project name, streamer name and other vital information such as “years of experience”, technology used, total stream hours.


Project name and Streamer info

You will also notice a “Hire Me” button with the rate. The streamer can set the rate in their profile.

A nifty share button enables you to share the stream or video to your favorite social platform. You can also take the embed code for channel, channel with chat or just chat.


On the right hand side, you will see Chat and Project Playlist. By default, you will see the Chat window. The Project Playlist lists contain all the videos related to the project.




Project Playlist

The Bottom Section


Full Profile: You can check the full profile of the streamer by clicking that link.

Message: Send a personal message to the streamer

Social media links: Social media links added by the streamers.

Currently Working: This section offers information about the current workplace for the streamer.

Expertise: This section contains information about the programming language that the streamer is confident in.

Location: The location of the streamer.


Location, technology, expertise and other important info.

Streamer’s project: All the latest projects of the streamer will be listed on the left hand side as shown in the image below.


List of Streamer projects

Detailed information about the project

The middle bottom section will contain detailed information about the project. As there are two types of project: Blog and Tutorial projects, the layout will differ accordingly. Let’s first see an example of a Blog project.


More information!

As you can see, there is a seperate section for Project Dairy.


Project Diary

Blog projects use a project diary to explain the different stages of a project. For blog projects, streamers can enter into their project diary a description of what they plan to work on in each session. Basically, the project diary enables viewers to know what the streamer is working on or had worked on in the past.

“Tutorial Projects” layout is different compared to “Blog Projects”. Let’s look at the tutorial project below.


It consists of “Tutorial Overview” and “Curriculum”. You can edit each section according to your project. Moreover, there is an option to upload “Project files” as well.


And, that’s it! We have covered all the important aspects of Project new layout. What do you think about the new layout? Let us know in the comment section below.

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