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Moving from Jenkins to Jenkins X: Scaling and Accelerating CI/CD

Last week on October 8th, Education Ecosystem’s CEO Michael Garbade joined the CD Foundation, as a speaker, in a two-day virtual event dubbed “cdCon – Virtual Experience”, which focused on improving the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

The event was attended by thousands of attendees, over 60 speakers, and sponsors that joined virtually from around the world. It brought together peers, industry leaders, and top CD engineers to be part of the conversation that drives continuous delivery to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

Garbade spoke on “Moving from Jenkins to Jenkins X: Scaling and Accelerating CI/CD”. In his presentation, he talked about how Jenkins has served as a continuous integration (CI) tool long before the emergence of Kubernetes and distributed systems running on cloud-native platforms.

How working with Jenkins as a stand-alone open-source tool has proved to be extremely difficult for distributed systems engineers, as it is designed for small projects and not scalable to bigger projects.

He discussed how Jenkins X has emerged as a way to both improve and automate continuous delivery pipelines to Kubernetes and cloud-native environments.

He concluded his presentation by discussing the limitations of Jenkins, how Jenkins X addresses those limitations, how it leverages open source and commercial CI/CD tools for easier bug fixes, faster deployments, stability, consistency, and improved communication.

The conference, with its rich pool of speakers,  spanned the entire CD ecosystem, from workflow orchestration, configuration management, continuous testing, observability, security, MLOps, release automation, and more.  Attendees got the opportunity to learn about the CDF open source projects, interoperability, and how to get involved in the CD Foundation. Look out for other presentations during the event here.


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