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A Little About Mulliner:

Chris Mulliner is one among the growing community of streamers who drove inspiration to stream by seeing other streamers He is from Portland and his favorite programming language is Python. He likes Java/Android, and lives to learn  C, C++, C# one day. His favorite programming character is ‘null’, and is very passionate about game development.

You can join him as he streams, and mesmerizes his audience with his soothing collection of music.

Mulliner Streaming Live

Mulliner Streaming Live

Recently we got lucky to catch Mulliner as he was signing off after his weekly stream, here’s what we talked about.

Interviewer: So Chris, when did you first learn about What was your first reaction?

Mulliner: I first heard about about 3 weeks ago. My buddy at work showed it to me. My first reaction: ‘Finally. This is amazing! I can’t wait to start streaming. Where has this been all this time?!’. Many coders stream on, but i think one of its major drawbacks is scarcity of actual programmers who could provide you with their valuable help/feedback.

I: Great, then how long have you been on How’s your experience so far?

M: I have been on since the very night I heard about Livecoding and haven’t yet spent a week without streaming live there. My experience so far has been awesome. The growing community here is great. I’ve learned more and more about programming(Python, Kivy, and C#) with each passing day. The motivation that your drive from community is just fabulous! 

I: So, which products are you working on the platform these days?

M: I’ve been working mainly on some Kivy applications for Android. I’ve already finished one, and have been bouncing between the other two.

I: What role, do you think is playing in promotion/learning of programming?

M: I think there is way more learning, than promotion going on here @ Whether its the streamer learning from the community, or the community learning from the streamer. The only promotion I see, is the knowledge of one another!

I: Quite an insightful perspective. Any features or functions you would like our team to work on in coming days for streamers?

M: Yes, a feature that I’d like to see, would be the ability to see my total number of followers/subscribers. And to make that public! It’s a small feature that I think would be fun to have around

I: Alright, I will make sure to pass that on to our team. So, how long have you been coding? How were your initial days?

M: Well, I have been coding for over 3 years now. My initial days were rough, and so have days since then! Coding is like a different adventure everyday. Many new bugs/issues to overcome every day, which is what really MAKES coding. You learn a lot though, fighting with your bugs.

I: True. So true. Let’s assume for a second that you were a programming language, which one you would likely be? Why?

M: This is a tough one. Still, i would probably choose Python. I’m a little OCD about small things in my life, as Python is about white-spaces.

I: Interesting choice! Tell us what do you do when you get stuck in a dead-end while coding?

M: I don’t quit until I’ve made some headway into whatever that dead-end might be. I may not have it completely solved, but I’ll attempt to get myself on the right path towards correcting it!

I: What’s the best thing about coding than?

M: Knowing that YOU’VE made a software/script! It feels so cool seeing your projects finally coming to an end. Successfully. That’s what keeps me coding. I enjoy it! Love it!

I: Ah that’s great! Killer moment. So if you were to remove a programming language from face of the earth, which one will you will go for? Why?

M: PowerCLI/PowerShell. It’s a nightmare to deal with! It doesn’t deserve to be on this planet! *Shoots*

So that’s how it went with Python lover Mulliner, you can follow his streams, or if you would like to feature in our Q&A session, simply drop us an email at [email protected].

Ah, and don’t forget to let us know how you feel about this Q&A series in the comments below.

Take Care.

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