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Introduction to PinkSale

PinkSale is a novel platform developed by Saul Pinkon the Binance Smart Chain with an aim to make the DeFi space more accessible. The platform achieves this feat by easing the entire process of creating, launching, and listing your tokens; with no prior knowledge of coding and even a marketing team, making it a one stop launchpad shop.

PinkSale also recognizes possible malicious intent by token creators and has employed key measures against this; an anti-rugpull system, mandatory KYC for project creators and bounty hunters to constantly scan the platform.


How PinkSale works

PinkSale covers all requirements for a successful token launch, opening with a friendly UI that makes the entire process a seamless one, to basics like inputting a token symbol and inserting presale figures.

Additionally, the platform provides users with the option of a possible airdrop to kickstart token launch. Users also have the option of choosing to host their tokens on a selected list of blockchains such as, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, KuCoin, and Fantom Network, each with a varying fee. Additionally, PinkSale helps users list tokens on both the PinkSale platform which doubles as a DEX, and other popular decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, Sushiswap, etc.

All of this is possible with a host of key features on the platform.


PinkSale Key Features

  •       PinkPad: The platform’s presale function. With this, users can set specific information about the presale of their tokens including the addition of a possible Whitelist and team vesting feature.
  •       PinkLock: This provides project creators with an option to lock tokens and enable LP provision.
  •       PinkAirdrop: This is simply the airdrop function of the PinkSale platform, enabling users to get early token access.

Along with the features above, PinkSale helps obtain a token verification and publishing on explorer websites.


Is PinkSale safe to use?

PinkSale seems to understand the risks involved in creating a platform where anyone can easily create and launch their own tokens for gains, hence the inclusion of a KYC for token creators. PinkSale also employs a transparent anti-rugpull system, meaning users can see whether your token has an anti-rugpull option enabled. This anti-rugpull system works by vesting tokens, meaning locking a certain amount of tokens for a given duration, with a strategic periodic release. Additional protection on the platform can be found in the form of an anti bot feature which suppresses sniping bots at launch.



There appears to be a growing trend of launchpads, but none truly caters to the needs of a token creator in the DeFi space like PinkSale. The platform seems to have it all and almost completely expunging the need for a full team for your token launch and management. Backed with sound security measures, especially its anti-rugpull system, PinkSale seems to be the choice platform for successfully launching your tokens with minimal tech experience.

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