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Project Tutorial: How to Create a Video for Data Science Website Using Fusion

Project Tutorial: How to Create a Video for Data Science Website Using Fusion


Fusion, developed by the Blackmagic Design company, is an innovative compositing software for creating intriguing visual effects.

You can use the node-based video editor to enhance the aesthetics of your applications.

In this Blackmagic Fusion tutorial, taught by Potrivaev who is from Ukraine and has more than eight years of development experience, you’ll learn how to create abstract video backgrounds for your applications.

Here is the schedule for the How to Create a Video for Data Science Website Using Fusion project:

  • Starting Date: from 24th July 2018.

What is the project about?

This online Fusion software tutorial will teach you the skills needed to include amazing animated video backgrounds in your websites and other applications.

Although the project will be focused on data science websites, you can use the skills learned to assist you in adding video backgrounds to any of your applications.

The project creator will start by outlining the basics of the Fusion video editing tool. Thereafter, each successive step will illustrate additional features you can add to create appealing video backgrounds in your applications.

For who is the project aimed at?

This project is intended for those without any prior experience with how the Blackmagic Design Fusion software works. If you are not familiar with how to use this wonderful video editing software, then you need to register for this project. In the end, you’ll gain all the necessary skills to use it confidently.

If you have a passion for creating animated video backgrounds for your websites and other applications, then this project is for you.

Are there any prerequisites before enrolling in this project?

There are no special prerequisites before registering for this project. However, here are some things that will assist you to learn using the software faster and efficiently:

  • Prior experience with motion design and video editing
  • Basic understanding of node-based workflow
  • Basic understanding of writing expressions or scripting
  • Up-to-date hardware for speeding up processes and improving the quality of video background output resolution
  • Graphic tablet as an input device for enhanced speed and efficiency

What will you be able to do after finishing the project?

After completing watching this project, you’ll gain a solid foundation about how Fusion works and how to use its tools to add compelling animated video backgrounds to your websites and applications.

You’ll be able to include intriguing motion designs, develop unique video animations for web applications, and use node-based video editing workflow.

Furthermore, you’ll also know how to create various varieties of abstract backgrounds for enhanced beauty and appeal.

The curriculum

Session 1: Introduction to Blackmagic Design Fusion

  • What is Fusion and where it can be used?
  • UI and navigation inside Fusion
  • Node-based workflow: What is it and how it works?
  • Principles of 2D compositing with Nodes

Session 2: Real 3D space in Fusion

  • 3D navigation and 3D tools
  • Principles of 3D compositing
  • 3D lights, materials, and rendering

Session 3: Going deeper inside Fusion

  • Paint node
  • Duplicate node
  • Working with text in Fusion: Text+ node

Session 4: Even more deeper in Fusion

  • Working with text modifiers
  • Camera projection techniques
  • Displacement nodes

Session 5: Fusion particles and effects

  • Particles emitter
  • Particles collisions
  • Particles forces
  • 2D and 3D particles

Session 6: Producing final animation of a background

  • Polishing the final project
  • Rendering final video animation in different quality (preview, final)
  • Combining final rendered sequences to video file
  • Different approaches to modify a current scene for unique variations of animated background


This Fusion project tutorial is designed to help you learn how to use the Blackmagic Design software for creating compelling animated backgrounds for your websites and other applications.

It’s what you need to improve your skills in using the powerful Fusion video editor to add glamor and style to your websites.

So, what are you still waiting for?

Grab the LiveEdu Pro subscription account and start creating enthralling animated video backgrounds using Fusion.

Subscription starts at only $9.99/month and will allow you to access other Premium Projects, as well.

Here is the link to the project.

See you inside!

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