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Request a Custom Project on Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem is thrilled and excited to announce that we are going ahead with our second phase of the custom project program. This program, which comes with new features, allows platform viewers to request custom projects which they can pay for using our native currency, the LEDU token.

 You have to send in your request details to this email address.

How it works

There are three classes to the projects requested. Each class is determined by the level of complexity, which in turn determines how much LEDU you will pay. The more complex the project is, the higher the viewer has to pay. The payment structure is as follows:

  • Class A projects cost 50,000 Ledu tokens
  • Class B projects cost 75,000 Ledu tokens
  • Class C projects cost 100,000 Ledu tokens

 We are creating a dedicated page on our website where viewers can request their desired custom projects, add finer details, and see the project developers they can pick. After the project is entered on the dedicated website page, it is vetted by an algorithm that chooses the most experienced developer to work on the project. The developers confirm their availability, the time they will likely take to create the project, and the deliverables.

Our algorithm will then pick the most experienced developer who can deliver the project in the shortest amount of time while working on a lower complexity class in order to reduce the requester’s expense.

This project is meant to increase community engagement. It is also a sign that we listen to our community members as the initial idea for this feature was proposed via our community’s communication channels. We have only refined it so that it is beneficial to both project creators and viewers.


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