The Ten (10) Best Angular.js Productivity Tools, Plugins and Libraries

The software development environment is riddled with several deadlines which the members of the development team have to meet. As a developer, it is crucial that you optimize your productivity in order to meet these deadlines while delivering quality software products at the same time.  Below are some of the Angular.js productivity tools, plugins and libraries that Angular.js Streamers find useful in improving their overall productivity on a daily basis.

What Is Angular.js?

“Angular.js is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly. Angular’s data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write,” according to the Angular.js community.  Below is a list of ten tools that Angular.js streamers use every day when building products.

Angular.js Productivity Tools, Plugins & Libraries

Here are the ten (10) best Angular.js productivity tools, plugins, and libraries recommended by engineers:


typescript angular.js productivity tools

Typescript is a JavaScript library that provides a way for you to write JavaScript the way that you really want to. It is a typed superset of JavaScript which compiles to plain JavaScript on any browser, host or operating system. Moreover, it is scalable in the sense that it provides classes, modules and interfaces that help you to build robust components. Plus it is open source making it absolutely free to use. Angular is very convenient in terms of dependency injection, which has many advantages. One of the most prevailing reason is that all dependencies for a given controller/factory/service are listed on the right, in the definition of the object. This makes it very easier for somebody reading your code as they would be able to find the things on which the code depends.


webstorm angular.js productivity tools

Webstorm is an IDE that is not only lightweight, but also powerful. It is perfectly equipped for complex server-side and client-side development with Node.js. Key features of this IDE include intelligent coding assistance, support for the latest technologies, a version control system, seamless tool integration and an efficient way to carry out debugging, tracing and testing.


browsersync angular.js productivity tools

BrowserSync is an indispensable test assistant that provides you with an efficient way to carry out synchronized browser testing. This is especially important as the testing time increases exponentially with every web page, device and browser. Some of the great features on BrowserSync include network throttle, interaction sync, file sync, UI and CLI control, sync customization among several other amazing features.


jasmine angular.js productivity tools

Jasmine is a development framework for testing JavaScript code and it follows a behavior-driven approach to software development. It is a standalone framework that does not require others to work properly nor does it require a DOM. Moreover, it has a clean an obvious syntax that makes it easier to write tests for your applications.


karma angular.js productivity tools

Karma is a test runner that helps developers to have an easier and more efficient mechanism to test their codes. It therefore brings a productive testing environment to developers with minimal configurations to get started. Moreover, developers get instant feedback from their tests, thereby being able to write better code. Some of the features of karma include tests on real devices, remote control, testing framework agnostic, open source, provides easy debugging and has continuous integration.


protractor angular.js productivity tools

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular.js applications being developed. It does this by running tests against your application running in a real browser while interacting with your application as a user would. Protractor has several features including automatic waiting and testing like the actual user of the application.

Angular Batarang

batarang angular.js productivity tools

This is a webInspector Extension for Chrome. It is used when developing Angular.js applications.


ng-inspector angular.js productivity tools

As the name suggests, ng-inspector is extension for Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers that adds an inspector pane to your browser. This pane allows you as a developer to effectively and efficiently develop debug and understand how your Angular.js applications work. Ng-inspector has several features including DOM highlighting, identification and display of scopes, controllers, directives and models on your browser window. In addition, ng-inspector updates everything in real time as you interact with your application.


restangular angular.js productivity tools

This is an Angular.js services simplifies the common POST, GET, DELETE, UPDATE requests with minimal amount of client code. It is especially useful for a webApp that uses data from a RESTful API.


gettext angular.js productivity tools

Have you, as a developer struggled with developing applications that provide translations seamlessly? Well angular-gettext provides you with a robust platform that will take care of doing translation support for you. The key features of angular-gettext include trivial to integrate, tiny footprint, works seamlessly with Angular.js and globalizes effortlessly. Furthermore, angular-gettext is built on a rich ecosystem of gettext tools, ensuring that you can get your work done efficiently and conveniently.

In conclusion, it is important that you utilize available resources to improve your productivity and increase the quality of your work output significantly. These are just a few of the several Angular.js productivity tools and libraries available for developers. Do you like the list above? What are your favorite tools and libraries? Feel free to share with us at in the comments section.

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