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4 Unique Proven Tips for Finding Awesome Employees

Recruiting people is art. It requires constant effort, communication, and mastery to build a formidable workforce. In this article, we will be sharing four unique tips on recruiting for finding awesome employees!

If you have ever had the chance to do the hiring process for a company, you already know how painstaking it can get. Often, companies revisit the process every year only to find out nothing had changed. They still fail to grab great talent that can help them expand their horizons.  That’s why you will find company investing time and resources into their recruitment intelligence method.

The hiring process differs from company to company, considering that they have a different and diverse corporate culture. The hiring method also depends on the skills required by the company. All these make the requirement process complicated.

So, what’s the solution? Let’s try to look at the problem uniquely and help you find an awesome worker, but first, let’s understand what we mean by “awesome employee.” These tips on recruiting will accelerate your search for the ideal employee.

4 Unique Tips on Recruiting to Find Awesome Worker

You Should Watch People do their job

The next time you consider hiring anyone, don’t judge them only by qualification, CV, or HR evaluation. Going by the standard qualification, the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae, or relying on a Human Resource evaluation gives you peripheral insight about the candidate’s skills, but they hardly showcase the true capabilities of a candidate.

Experienced recruiters know that it takes more evaluation to know the actual value of a candidate. It is crucial to understand that people perform differently under different situations; hence, the best way to evaluate their skills is to put them in those situations and watch them perform.

Here is the ugly trend you should avoid henceforth;

Most business managers are not able to put their prospective employees on trial to analyze their performance and skills. It is easy to understand a candidate’s capabilities If they are evaluated through an assigned trial task. However, in reality, it doesn’t showcase the candidate true potential, abilities, or skill. This practice can cost the company both time and money.

The solution is to watch candidates do the “real” work.

There are a lot of platforms on the internet that showcase candidate skills if they are into teaching and sharing their knowledge. One such platform is the Education Ecosystem. It is a decentralized learning ecosystem where learners can learn through hands-on projects. You as an employer, you can watch content creators showcase their skills and expertise through their projects.

Revisit Employee Referral Rewards

Apart from watching candidates while they are working on real-world projects, you can motivate your employees to refer to other potential candidates.

Employee referral rewards are prevalent in the industry, but the point here is to use creative ideas to spice up the age-old method.

Many companies have an old way of handling employee referral rewards. They tend to reward employees with money. That shouldn’t be you, break the tradition!

You need to ask some basic questions to dive deep into your employee’s mind. What do your employees need? Have you considered that an employee who is interested in improving their professional profile may prefer recognition of money?

You can reward them internationally by recognizing them at the bigger stage or giving them recognition for a particular geographic location. Be creative in rewarding people, and they will find the best talent for your company.

Recognition is just one form of reward; there are still others you may like to try out. For example, you can also try micro-rewards in the form of gift cards or subscriptions to top-rated services.

You can still motivate employees to find talent for your company with rewards by engaging them in raffle campaigns where they get to visit amazing locations or do exciting stuff such as a helicopter riding.

What about charity rewards? It is proven, charity reward does its magic in a way by improving employees’ altruistic motives so they can make a difference in the lives of others in our society, which is rewarding with ripple effects.

Do an analysis of what your employees need and offer them as rewards; they will help you successfully recruit exceptional talents for your company.

Be Creative in your Job Publications

Are you not getting candidates for the important job position that your company desperately need? If so, you need to be more creative in your job publications. Best results can be achieved only when you think outside the box. Therefore, just like every other aspect of your company is unique so should the job publications be

The best way to lure candidates is to make them curious. If you dump all the information in the job posting, most of the candidates will not even bother to contact the company; you lose a chance of having some of the best candidates contact you.

Interestingly, if you are familiar with hiring processes, you ought to have noticed that half of the work of recruiting is done the moment you make contact with the candidates. At least, you know that they are interested. Now, you can move it forward and convince them to work for you. Remember, we are talking about awesome employees —  they are quite hard to find. So, the first step should always be to lure the best talent to contact you by making them curious about the advertised job positions. Every other thing follows this step.

To get the best idea of some creative job postings, you can check out this LinkedIn post by Paul Lee Cannon and the HireRabbit post by Jet. Both articles shared creative job publications and will give you a fair idea of how to approach job publications for your company.

Network Whenever Possible

Networking is key to growth, especially for the working class. This is also applicable for companies as well where networking can improve their chances to get good workers.

As a company, you should consider going to major events. There you may get a chance to meet amazing people who are also looking for new opportunities.

Furthermore, you can also go ahead by writing open job vacancy positions behind your visiting cards. This works! The bottom line is that you should let people know what exactly you seek, and they might help you find the perfect one. It is one of the best tips on recruiting that you must use in your recruiting process.

This Linkedin post by Lou Adler discusses the power of networking in the general business sector. Lou Adler piece shows that 85% of job vacancy positions are filled via mediums of networking.

Final Conclusion

All the tips mentioned above will help you to find a way to find candidates that your company deserve. You should watch your prospective candidates do their job, try some employee rewards, be creative in your job publications, and don’t forget that networking is a crucial aspect of growth in business.

So, what do you think about the unique tips on recruiting? Comment below and let us know.

Bonus: If you are looking for a good developer, you should check the open source projects he or she is working on.

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