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Top 12 Free Projects to Become a Cybersecurity Expert in 2020

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Cyberattacks are happening all the time, meaning that keeping software, hardware, and data safe and secure is more important than ever. And there is a shortage of people with these skills, so learning how to get started in cybersecurity can have huge payoffs for your career. According to the ISC Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the amount of security professionals would need to increase by 62% to meet the growing demands of today’s businesses. 

The world is locked down, and people across the globe are fear-stricken while being in quarantine, credits to the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 100 Cybersecurity video projects from our creators, we have compiled a list of top 12 projects you can learn from home during this quarantine to become a Cybersecurity expert in 2020.

1. Ethical Hacking From Scratch – Exploit Exercises – Nebula

In this tutorial, we will take you through the various concepts of Ethical Hacking and explain how you can use them in a real-time environment. You will learn all about Ethical hacking with loads of live hacking examples to make the subject matter clear. You will learn how to search, find and exploit various vulnerabilities as well as how to defend against them. This playlist of videos should help teach you a good amount of offensive and defensive strategies and techniques.

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2. How to use Netcat in Ethical Hacking

Netcat is a versatile and easy to use tool to “read and write to a TCP/UDP port using an application layer software”. This project is intended to use netcat for ethical hacking purposes.

3. How to use NCat in Ethical Hacking

This project is about Ncat and how Ncat can be used in different scenarios of ethical hacking. Ncat is considered to be the “Swiss army knife” in the world of ethical hacking, obviously because it has lots of uses in penetration testing. We have tried to cover all the features of Ncat practically with the help of the video series.

4. How to perform Android Application Penetration Testing

In this project, you will learn about how to find vulnerabilities in the Android applications. This project will cover the basics introduction of Android Penetration for beginners and learn the tools and techniques of the industry. This project is focused on Android Architecture, Android Application Pentesting with Owasp top 10 Mobile Risk, Reversing android application, Static and Dynamic Analysis of android.

5. How to use manual SQL Injection to penetrate a database

In this project you will learn about how to use manual SQL injection to penetrate database and collect data from the database and explore different types of injection attacks which are exploited manually

6. How to use exploit modules in metasploit framework

This project is about the exploit modules present in the Metasploit Framework. Basics of Metasploit commands and exploitation using metasploit Framework is covered in this tutorial. This tutorial will give you a complete idea about how to use and run exploits on the victim machine using Metasploit Framework.

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7. How to Attack Session Management and Web Technologies

In this project we will learn what are the basics of Web Technologies because before attacking a Web Application you should have the knowledge of basics that how the request works what are those 200 OK Status codes means etc. Many people don’t have the knowledge of HTTP Protocols and how it works as well. So we will cover all the basics in this project. After that we will move ahead to Attacking Session Management Issues as well and we will learn how an application manages a session and how you can look for some loopholes in that.

8. How to crack WiFi (Wireless) Network using Cow Patty and Air-Crack

Wireless networks are accessible to anyone within the router’s transmission radius. This makes them vulnerable to attacks. Hotspots are available in public places such as airports, restaurants, parks, etc. In this Course, I will introduce you to different techniques used to exploit weaknesses in wireless network security implementations. These methods will be effective against the different types of WIFI routers i.e WEP, WPA, WPA2.

9. How to Perform a Social Engineering Attack

The Art of Social Engineering is a must have for any Legendary Hacker! If you can not manipulate People, you can not unleash your technical skills. If you can not have a Secure System, You still have Great Chances to Hack People!

10. How to Bypass Client Side Controls and Attack Authentication

In this project we will learn how you can bypass some of the client side controls that are placed in the web application to limit the user inputs. Also we will learn about some of the silly mistakes devs do while coding the applications. This is a very important thing you should have to learn while pentesting webapps. Because sometimes just simple things can give you high severity vulnerability. We will also cover how you can abuse authentication functions in the attacking authentication sessions. We will look into some of the most common vulnerabilities developers forgets to patch. This project will be helpful for those persons who are interested in Web Application penetration testing.

11. How to Perform Network Analysis using Wireshark, Snort, and SO

Performing Network Analysis is imperative to best secure networks, production systems or even at home. Using common analytics tools such as the ELK stack allows for advanced analytics on network traffic allowing for detection and prevention of network attacks. This series will cover setting up a monitoring environment, useful for any IT professional. Also, the tools allow for preventing certain cyber attacks, including automating this process of securing the network. In addition, thorough analytics of network data allows for advanced threat detection such as from network anomalies. This series will conclude by September.

12. How to use GoPhish Framework for Advance Phishing

Phishing is a Very Common Tactic used by Hackers to trick our employees and We want to train them against this. GoPhish Framework is an easy toolkit to make this Training and Awareness Task very simple.


The COVID-19 pandemic seems not to be going away. The situation is likely to continue for a while before things normalize, and systems get back to normal. What are the projects at Education Ecosystem that present the best opportunity to become a Cybersecurity expert in 2020? The above top projects on Education Ecosystem present you with an opportunity to hone your Cybersecurity skills and become an expert during this quarantine.

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