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What’s so different about is a brand new platform where people who want to improve their programming can come to watch people code real products, live. It’s a site that’s taken the best from and its booming livestreaming function and applied it to one of the largest growing educational sectors in the world – learning how to code.

With news coming in that states in the USA are drafting bills that would give record amounts of funding to teaching kids how to code, alongside speculation that coding could be included on a college application as an equivalent to a foreign language, there’s no better time to be proficient in programming. is the natural sum of these two parts, and so let’s take a look at some of the unique features of the website.



Livecodingtv’s livestreams are probably its most attractive feature, the high school quarterback of the site in all his youthful glory. You can currently watch any public stream and see someone coding live in front of you. If you prefer to specify a little more, we have categories for our livestreams which allow you to tailor your viewing experience to yourself.

In the near future, some of the channels will start to require subscriptions, and you can follow someone to access many of the best features which are currently available on all channels. These features include being able to see that streamer’s social links, chat to them live, message them privately and access some of the source code from what they’re working on.

The best bit, of course, is being able to see someone bringing to life a product right in front of you. On Livecodingtv these are real coders who are working on real products, and showing you how to do it. This is the first real way to improve your code in a manner that you can directly apply to the world, showing you exactly what you need to be able to do to build products of your own and bring your coding up to an expert’s level.

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Fortunately we know that when it comes to online education, people have to be able to ‘snack’ in what little spare time they have rather than sitting down for fixed periods that don’t work with their schedules. We get that you’re busy. And so at Livecodingtv we save all the livestreams from our streamers automatically, and collate them in our video library to be watched whenever you like. We also have a great catalogue of Youtube videos to go alongside our own unique and original content.


Donations are our way of letting you, the viewer, give a little back to the streamers. You can donate to a streamer if you appreciate what they’re doing, and it allows them to earn some income from their livestreams and videos. Donations are an avenue for you to use to say thank you to the person directly improving your code and answering your questions.

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Social coding

Overall, the most important thing that Livecodingtv does is offer a social coding experience. We believe that learning and improving your skills shouldn’t just be relegated to books and courses – it should be an experience that you can share. If you need to ask questions, ask them! If you’re wondering how to use your experience in a tangible context, you’re seeing it happen! Livecodingtv is social, it’s sharing, it’s chatting and learning while you talk. While you watch. Livecodingtv is more than just a way to improve your code – it’s a social hub.

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I, Dr. Michael J. Garbade is the co-founder of the Education Ecosystem (aka LiveEdu), ex-Amazon, GE, Rebate Networks, Y-combinator. Python, Django, and DevOps Engineer. Serial Entrepreneur. Experienced in raising venture funding. I speak English and German as mother tongues. I have a Masters in Business Administration and Physics, and a Ph.D. in Venture Capital Financing. Currently, I am the Project Lead on the community project -Nationalcoronalvirus Hotline I write subject matter expert technical and business articles in leading blogs like,, Cybrary, Businessinsider,, TechinAsia, Coindesk, and Cointelegraph. I am a frequent speaker and panelist at tech and blockchain conferences around the globe. I serve as a start-up mentor at Axel Springer Accelerator, NY Edtech Accelerator, Seedstars, and Learnlaunch Accelerator. I love hackathons and often serve as a technical judge on hackathon panels.