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A busy year for Education Ecosystem – The 2022 Roadmap


The Education Ecosystem hit the ground running as it concludes its first quarter of the year, 2022. The main idea this year is to improve the platform and provide our community with a more efficient ecosystem, and our first quarter confidently signals towards achieving that. Education Ecosystem’s updated roadmap for 2022 gives a concise insight into key goals for the year, some of which would be elucidated in this article.

An excellent first quarter saw our native token, LEDU gaining more traction with even bigger prospects going forward. Q1 saw the launch of our Binance chain based LEDU BEP20 token, accompanied with a LEDU bridge for easy ETH to BSC swaps, signaling the migration of LEDU from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain. We followed this up with an audit of our BEP20 smart contract and the launch of our LEDU BEP20 Staking module for automatic earning of LEDU tokens. Another highlight of Q1 was the listing of our new BEP20 token on Pancakeswap with the LEDU/BNB trading pair, providing LEDU holders additional trading options. Our ERC20 token burn for the first quarter commences soon, this would mark the end of a successful quarter.  

Q2 holds more prospects for the Education Ecosystem. Starting off with a LEDU trading competition on Pancakeswap with additional listings on a host of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The LEDU DApp is also poised to make an appearance within this quarter followed by the anticipated launch of our LEDU App on both Android and iOS. Suffice to say LEDU has a lot installed for its community.

More in-depth information on our roadmap can be found in our updated White Paper which can be accessed from the Education Ecosystem website.

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