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An Interview With Andriy Bulezynuk – A Django 3.0 Expert

Andriy Bulezyuk

1. Andriy, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Hello, everyone! I am Andriy Bulezyuk, an AI Engineer and Django Expert born in Ukraine and now living in Germany. I am passionate about utilizing the power of technology to build innovative solutions that create a positive impact in the world. I am currently juggling between a full-time job involving the latest AI & Cloud Solutions, a start-up modernizing the software in Green-Industry and a National Security AI Tool. The two latter products are based on the latest version of Django!

2. Why inspire you to publish a book on Django 3?  

Publishing a book on Django 3 is something I always wanted to do because I believe in the incredible potential of the Django framework. Django has revolutionized web development, allowing developers to build robust and scalable applications with ease. I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise to the world, empowering aspiring developers to unlock the full potential of Django and to build their own exciting projects. 

3. As a Django expert, what are your greatest strengths and achievements?

A compliment I often hear from my clients is how I am able to break down technical business processes into easy-to-follow visual diagrams. After completing the diagrams, my team can quickly figure out how to optimize and automate certain areas of a business. After drafting the solution and it is approved, I am ready to implement the solutions – which I find is the most rewarding part.

4. What are some of your accomplishments? Which projects are you most proud of?

For the National Security AI Tool, the database and source code have to be stored on self-hosted servers. One of my most significant achievements is the successful implementation of a lightning-fast Django Autocomplete Query that traverses tens of millions of Django database entries per second. That may sound like nothing in a cloud environment, but that’s a lot in a self-hosted and manually configured PostgreSQL database.

5. You’ve published a project in Education Ecosystem. How was the experience of creating a project in EE?

Creating a project in Education Ecosystem was an absolute pleasure. The platform provided a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge, and I was able to connect with a vibrant community of learners and fellow experts in their field. The EE team’s dedication to provide a seamless learning experience and their commitment to fostering a collaborative environment was truly remarkable. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools made it effortless to showcase my project and engage with learners from around the world. Here’s a fun fact – the backend of EE is also based on Django!

6. What are some of your biggest weaknesses?

Once I’m on a project, I prioritize its completion above all else. This means that I had to sacrifice the amount of sleep, the number of hours I get to spend at the gym, and time playing CounterStrike: Global Offensive. On the bright side, once the project is over, I will enjoy the gym and games even more.

7. Where do you see Django in 5 years?

In short: on the same trajectory as it has now. There are very few things that I would like the Django Community and Django Framework to change.

8. What projects are you currently working on?

I am blessed to be involved in 3 highly innovative projects. The first one is for a client in Germany, which is the biggest railway operator, implementing a Reinforcement Learning MLops system. The second is in a start-up, which I am a co-founder of, in developing modern software for the Green-Industry. The last Project is a National Security AI Tool, aimed to give government agencies an overview of actionable hints to protect our shores.

9. Would you recommend the Education Ecosystem to others? Why?

I highly recommend Education Ecosystem to others. Not only does it provide top-notch educational content, it also has an environment that encourages collaboration, growth, and success. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, Education Ecosystem is the ideal platform to learn, expand your horizons, and achieve your ambitions in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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