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How To Create A Project On Education Ecosystem

Project creation process

This guide is for creators who are looking to build projects on Education Ecosystem. The goal of creating a project is to educate viewers on how to use certain technologies to build the core functionality of a product. As a creator, your focus should be on explaining the underlying technology and showing how to use it in a practical way. The design of the product should not be your primary concern.

Create project tutorial

STEP 1: Sign up

If you are new to Education Ecosystem, the first thing you want to do is sign up for a Creator account here.

STEP 2: Select a project to work on

A. Picking a project

You can pick a project from the Education Ecosystem Viewer Project Requests sheet or suggest a new project. If the project you selected is approved by the Education Ecosystem manager, you can begin working on the project overview and outline.

B. Review the project outline

The Education Ecosystem project manager assigned to you will share an outline for the project assigned to you. If you have any additional points or sections you would like to add or remove from the outline, you can add them as comments in the document. Then, your project manager will review and approve it.

STEP 3: After approval

After your project outline is approved, you can start recording videos.

A. Record a 2 – 3-minute introductory video

Begin by recording a project introduction video. Download and use OBS to record your introduction here. Watch the video below to learn how to use OBS:

Tutorial on how to use OBS

For the recording settings in OBS, go over this article. Aim for at least 25k bitrate, 60fps, and the screen resolution as recommended in the article. After creating the video, share it to us for review.

B. Prepare for the first video session

After the introduction video is approved, prepare for the first video session. Before making the video session, prepare an outline of what you are planning to cover in the session. Having an outline will make your video more structured and concise. It ensures you stay on topic and cover all the necessary points.

C. Record the video session

When recording the video, make sure to:

  • Set the code’s font size between 14 and 18 points if you are working in an IDE. If you are working in a browser, zoom in for better readability.
  • Set the text color to light and the background to dark, or vice versa, to enhance visibility.
  • Place the screen in a way that allows viewers to see everything clearly, even when you are not in full-screen mode.
  • Use the OBS settings mentioned previously.

D. Share the video for review

Once the video is ready, share it with us by uploading it in the designated Google Drive folder for review and feedback.

E. Proceed to the next session:

After receiving approval and feedback on the current session video, repeat the process for the next session. Don’t forget to prepare an outline for each session.

Step 4: Final review

After completing all of the sessions, the manager will do the quality checks and get back to you if any changes are required. Once the quality checks are done, we will upload your project on Education Ecosystem and make them publicly available. Here is an example of a good project video.

You can earn a good amount of money by creating projects on Education Ecosystem. If you are interested in creating a project, please send an email to [email protected] or join us on Slack and send a message to Petar Janković.

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