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How To Create A Project On Education Ecosystem

Are you interested in making your first project on the Education Ecosystem? If yes, then continue reading this guide.

What are Projects?

In Education Ecosystem, the videos created by project creators are referred to as Projects instead of terms like courses or similar ones. It is important for creators to use the word Projects to emphasize the platform’s commitment to active learning through project-based approaches. Consistently using the term Projects helps viewers understand what they can expect from the learning materials on Education Ecosystem.

Getting started

Before creating your first project, have a creator’s account. You can sign up here. Next, pick a project topic.

Picking a project topic

Select a project topic you are interested in teaching and have experience with. You can either:

  1. Select a project from the project request sheet.
  2. Suggest a new project topic. 
  3. Be approached by a project manager to create a project.

If you are selecting or suggesting a topic, tell your project manager about the topic. They will give you a project outline. You will use this to structure your project recordings later.

Review the outline

Review the outline given to you. Then glance over the outline and provide any feedback you have to the project manager. If there are any points you think we should add or remove, add it as a comment on the outline document. The project manager will then review it, and then determine the price of the project. 

Before you start recording

Before recording, you should be familiar with the requirements.

Video content 

In Education Ecosystem, our primary goal is to educate viewers on how to use the underlying technologies to develop the core functionality of a product. Because of this, we are asking creators to keep it short by focusing on the core aspect of the product. A project should:

  • Take the project creator about 3 to 6 work hours to complete. It should not take you more than 6 hours to work on completing the video project. 
  • Not more than 3 hours in length. The total video time should be short and should be less than 3 hours. Use the hours to explain the essential part of the project. For example, this project, which is only 2.5 hours long, took the project creator about 5 work hours. It also goes through all the core concepts. 
  • Focus on the core technologies used. We suggest you NOT to show non-essential work. Do not spend too much time during the tutorial creation on design. The purpose of these tutorial projects is to teach students the technical aspects of how to build a product and not a nice design work. You should be focusing on the core aspect of the product, prioritizing the challenging components that learners often struggle with.

Here is an example of a project that we are looking for. If you are still not clear, please watch the video below:

Project example

Recording with OBS

You should record the videos with OBS to ensure that the projects in Education Ecosystem are consistent. You can download OBS here. If you are new to OBS, watch the video below: 

Use these settings when recording with your videos with OBS:

  • If you are working in an IDE, set the code’s font size between 14 and 18 points. If you are working in a browser, zoom in for better readability.
  • Consider setting the text color to light and the background to dark, or vice versa, to enhance visibility.
  • Ensure the screen placement allows viewers to see everything clearly, even when not in full-screen mode.
  • For recording settings, go over this article. Aim for at least 25k bitrate, 60fps, and the screen resolution as recommended in the article.

Begin recording your project

Before recording your video sessions, we recommend you to:

  • Have the project outline.
  • Know the video content requirements.
  • Have the appropriate OBS settings.

Then, you can begin recording. 

1. Record an introductory video

Begin by recording a 2-3 minute introduction video and share it with us for review. You can include or not include your face recording here. After the introductory video is approved, prepare for the next session. 

2. Prepare for the video session

Go through the project outline again. Under the Video breakdown section, you will see the sessions you will record for the project. For each session, write down the topics, keywords or a short outline of what you will go over in the video. Do not show your face when recording the main video sessions.

3. Record the video session

Now that you know what to cover in the session based on the outline, begin recording your video.

4. Share the Video for Review 

Once the video session is ready, please share it with us in the designated Google Drive folder for review and feedback.

5. Proceed to the Next Session

After receiving approval and feedback on the current video, repeat steps 2-5 for the following sessions until the project is completed. Once completed, we will upload it to Education Ecosystem and make it publicly available. 

6. After completing the project

Once you have completed the project, the manager will contact you for another project to create.


You can earn a good amount of money by creating projects on Education Ecosystem. If you are interested in creating a project, please send an email to [email protected] or join us on Slack and send a message to Petar Janković.

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