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Binance Auto Invest – the Best Innovation in Crypto since Sliced Bread

At a time where we’re constantly seeking tools and strategies to simplify our crypto investments, Binance has changed the game with its Auto-Invest feature, a revolutionary feature that promises to be the best innovation in crypto since sliced bread.

What is Binance Auto-Invest?

Binance Auto-Invest is a tool that enables automatic, regular investments in cryptocurrencies without active user involvement. It utilizes a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, where a fixed amount of money is invested at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.), helping to put idle assets to work and potentially mitigating the impact of market volatility.

How to Set Up Binance Auto-Invest:

Step 1 – Once you are on Binance. Click on “Earn” and then click on “Auto-Invest. This will take you to the Binance Auto-Invest page.

Step 2 – Once you are on the Binance auto-Invest page. Select the token you want to invest in amongst the available options and click on “Create a Plan”. In this example we’ve selected BNB.

Step 3 – Once you click on “Create a Plan”, a window will pop up. Follow the below steps:

Step 4 – Follow the steps below to create your plan.

  • Select your ‘Coin allocation.’ This simply means the percentage of your total investment that should go into each cryptocurrency. In this case we’re investing in BNB only, to add more coins use ‘+ Add Coins’ button above.
  • Select the stablecoin you want to use for the plan.
  • Enter the amount per transaction. We have used 10 USDT in this example.
  • Select the wallet you want the investment to be charged from.
  • Select Recurring Cycle. (Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly)
  • Select the time of transaction
  • Agree to Binance Auto Invest Agreement
  • Click on “Confirm”

Benefits of Using Binance Auto-Invest Over Manual Investing:

  1. Emotional Detachment: Automates investment decisions, reducing the impact of emotions like fear or greed on trading activities.
  2. Consistency: Helps maintain a disciplined and consistent investment strategy without the need for frequent manual intervention.
  3. Time Efficiency: Saves time by automating the investment process, allowing users to focus on other tasks or interests.


Binance Auto-Invest is a convenient way to engage in long-term cryptocurrency investment, suitable for those looking to automate their investment strategy and reduce the manual workload associated with traditional trading. By embracing this innovative tool, investors can potentially benefit from the power of dollar-cost averaging, emotional detachment, and a consistent investment approach – all while freeing up valuable time and mental resources.

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