Stable Coin Yields

Highest Stable Coin Yields – March 2024

As we kick off another week, it’s time to explore the top yield platforms for three of the most prominent stable coins: USDT, USDC, and DAI, and their respective annual percentage yields (APYs) as of Monday, March 11th, 2024. 

Our mission? To equip you with the insights needed to make savvy decisions and maximize your stablecoin investments. So, without delay, let’s uncover this week’s frontrunners:

USDT Highest Yields

AAVEUSDTUp to 32.24%
BinanceUSDTUp to 26.2%
Yearn.fiUSDTUp to 18.88%

USDC Highest Yields

AAVEUSDCUp to 22.25%
Yearn.fiUSDCUp to 15.22%
BinanceUSDCUp to 14.83%

DAI Highest Yields

AAVEDAIUp to 22.9%
Yearn.fiDAIUp to 19.49%
CompoundDAIUp to 16.99%
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