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Education Ecosystem T-Shirt: A Token of Appreciation for Passionate Creators

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Education Ecosystem is excited to announce that new T-shirts will be shipped next month to all creators in Europe and North America who have created at least one project in the last six months.

The new EE T-shirt is a token of appreciation for the dedication and hard work that creators have put in to make the Education Ecosystem a success. For creators outside of Europe and North America who meet the six criteria but are unable to receive a T-shirt, they will be compensated monetarily as a sign of gratitude.

Education Ecosystem is committed to building a supportive community for creators and fostering an environment where individuals can learn practical skills to develop their careers.

Lastly, Education Ecosystem is constantly looking for new creators and contributors to join its  growing community. If you’re interested in becoming a creator or contributor, you can join our creator slack channel or send us a mail here.

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