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Education Ecosystem’s November Telegram AMA Recap

We are excited to announce that we successfully hosted our November Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on our official Telegram channel on Friday, 27 November at 6 PM UTC. The hour-long AMA saw community members interact with us by asking all kinds of questions, save for those related to price speculation and price pumping.

We tried as much as possible to keep it in the spirit of an AMA and allowed the community to ask any questions on their minds.

We are grateful to all those who participated in the AMA. Some asked questions while others were comfortable with following the questions and responses on the sidelines. The community asked intelligent questions, some which got us thinking and plan accordingly.

Which questions were asked?

A lot of questions were asked with some of them leading to more questions. At the end of the session, we were happy with the kind of questions asked and what they mean for Education Ecosystem, the community and the future.

The main questions during the AMA were based on the platform’s new feature which gives viewers the right to request custom projects. This new program allows viewers to order a custom project on the platform. The platform’s advanced algorithm picks a developer with the suitable skills and experience to create the project.

The viewers pay in Ledu token. The amount paid — ranging from 50,000–100,000 Ledu tokens — is determined by the complexity of the project.

We also received a number of questions on the $200,000 we distributed to developers in grant funding. There was a set criteria which we used to pick developers suitable to receive the funding to create practical projects that our viewers are interested in and would benefit from.

Other questions focused on our roadmap, our plans for next year, partnerships and how the global coronavirus pandemic affected our operations.

Some more questions came in after the AMA had ended. Others asked their questions via our support email address.

Wrapping it up

AMAs are a great way for us to engage with the community. We host an AMA session on the last Friday of each month.

We are looking forward to hosting our next session. See you there.

Stay safe.


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