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Interoperability in Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

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On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, Education Ecosystem’s CEO Michael Garbade joined Continuous Delivery leaders, industry icons, practitioners, and open source developers for a two-day virtual experience, to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. The event was part of the conversation to drive the future of software delivery for technology teams, enterprise leadership and open source communities.

Garbade spoke on “Interoperability in cloud native continuous delivery”.


Cloud native has become an important approach enabling organizations to increase the agility of applications and to accelerate the transition of ideas into products for the end users. In addition, the management of cloud native applications through new paradigms such as continuous delivery has allowed organizations to venture into the market with their products much faster. In spite of these benefits, the cloud native and continuous delivery environments have some challenges, chief among them, interoperability. In his session, Garbade discussed the lack of interoperability and the reasons it is a challenge to achieve it. 


The emergence of cloud native has resulted in tremendous advances in enabling organizations to develop new services and make them available to end users. In addition, new paradigms such as Continuous Delivery (CD) allow organizations to do this much faster than before, empowering them to go to market ahead of the competition. Despite its many advantages, the cloud native CD ecosystem has its challenges. Garbade discussed issues arising from the lack of interoperability across proliferating cloud native CD technologies. However, these initiatives are localized to the projects involved and do not address the challenges holistically. The presentation highlighted the necessity, and greater sustainability, of a holistic approach to interoperability in the CD ecosystem and invited attendees to join community efforts.


His talk targeted the cloud native CD community. It invited them to participate in efforts geared for greater sustainability and a holistic approach to interoperability in the CD ecosystem.


The presentation benefits the community by describing how service providers look like they are shying away from changing how they deliver software not for any other reason but because there lacks interoperability and common standards within the cloud native CD domain.


Garbade’s presentation calls for open and collaborative approaches by organizations and communities to address the challenges, achieving interoperability, and establishing standards within the ecosystem. 


The event attracts thousands of attendees, over 100 speakers, and sponsors who join virtually from around the world. It brings together peers, industry leaders and top CD engineers to be part of the conversation that drives continuous delivery to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.


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