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What is the Role of Machine Learning in Educational Technology?

A lot of processes are moving online. It has become much easier to work, play, and study online. Educational platforms have turned to emerging technologies to offer engaging ways to deliver knowledge to students. Machine learning (ML), a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), is being utilized to make online learning result-driven. 

What Can Machine Learning Offer to the Education Sector?

Machine learning gives computer systems the ability to learn and interpret data on their own without external influence.  ML improves education in the following ways:


Machine learning algorithms analyze how students receive information and process it. This is important in online education because it gives the algorithm a complete overview of the user’s learning pattern, speed, and needs. This enables learners to receive learning content according to their needs and capabilities. 

In some instances, machine learning helps students to choose the topics they are interested in, the teachers/instructors they understand better, and the curriculum they want to follow.

Machine learning is proving that there is no one-size-fits-all way of learning. And if students are taught according to their strength and pace, they are more likely to succeed than if they are all treated as if they have the same learning capability.

Other technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used with deep learning for personality predictions. This can be utilized to better understand students’ learning capabilities and how to approach teaching them.

Machine learning and other emerging technologies

Machine learning can be used in collaboration with other emerging technologies such as predictive analysis, blockchain, and more. 

With blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies can be used to incentivize learners and content creators, creating a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved. Education Ecosystem, a peer-to-peer project-based platform uses LEDU social tokens to reward good actors on the platform. 

Apart from incentivizing content creators and viewers, machine learning plays a big role in project-based learning. 

Education Ecosystem utilizes machine learning to help students monitor their progress. The platform uses ML to track projects completed by viewers, analyzes their learning habits, and formulates an overview of how viewers consume information. This aids the platform in determining how content should be created and delivered to students.

This approach has helped thousands of viewers complete practical projects much faster and learn more in their respective fields. As a result, the platform saw an increase in the number of viewers who come back to the platform to learn more. Also, the number of referral viewers has increased thanks to the implementation of a machine learning algorithm.

This encourages content creators to continually produce top-quality material that is well-received by viewers.

Assessment Evaluation

Machine learning is changing the way assessments are carried out. ML has a better chance of grading assignments and exams more accurately than people can.

Checking answer sheets is a task prone to errors. Machine learning ensures that the grades assigned to students are as accurate as possible.

How Machine Learning Can Be Used in E-Learning

Over the past decade, machine learning projects are finding their way into online education. There are several ways in which ML can be applied to education, notably virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants

Learning content has taken digital format over the past few years. This includes texts, videos, podcasts, online quizzes, and more. Online learning platforms are integrating virtual assistants into the process to guide users on their needs and questions. The use of chatbots is on the rise as well since online learning platforms are accessed by people 24/7.  

Final Thoughts

It has become important for online learning platforms to have the ability to offer customized learning content to satisfy viewer needs. Education Ecosystem platform has customized content created by experienced professionals who have insights into the latest trends in various fields.

Machine learning capability, alongside other emerging technologies such as blockchain, has changed the face of online education. Learning content is customized so that it delivers knowledge to students at their pace and ability.

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