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10 Things JavaScript Engineers Should Do At The Beginning of Each Year


JavaScript was one of the leading programming languages in 2016, and it is expected to maintain its position in 2017. The dominance of JavaScript has motivated many programmers to focus on the language and become experts, seeking the title “JavaScript engineers.”

JavaScript’s ecosystem is the key to its growth. New frameworks, libraries, and tools are released constantly by developers across the world seeking to tune it, and make it even better than before. This gives a JavaScript engineer a lot to explore in their field.

Coming back to the topic, JavaScript engineers, in general, like to do a lot of stuff in the new year. We all know that a new year brings new opportunities, and great JavaScript engineers focus on making the most of these. In this article, we will go through 10 things that JavaScript engineers should do at the beginning of each year.

10 Things JavaScript Engineer Should Do At The Beginning of Each Year

Learn JavaScript more deeply

JavaScript is easy to learn on the surface but has a lot of things going on underneath. This depth is what makes JavaScript so exciting and can help the engineer become highly paid. You can do almost anything with JavaScript, including server-side development. To be a good JavaScript developer, you should constantly upgrade your JavaScript knowledge. You can read books, blogs and watch videos by visiting the JavaScript learn page.

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JavaScript Learn Page

You can also read the ten popular JavaScript blogs article to learn more about new happenings.

Learn a new JavaScript framework/library

JavaScript is rich when it comes to frameworks and libraries. There are tons of frameworks you can try and look for ways to utilize in your projects. The key here is to know which one to learn and ensure that you utilize regularly. JavaScript engineers understand they have to gain knowledge of new frameworks to meet market demands, and that’s why they tend to learn new frameworks at the beginning of the new year.

Check out 15 JavaScript framework and libraries. The article lists the best frameworks and libraries to learn and excel at.

Broadcast JavaScript projects

Broadcasting is a growing trend among engineers, and JavaScript engineers should take full advantage of broadcasting to ensure their projects get as much visibility as possible. A new year gives them a fresh start to broadcast their projects. You should also broadcast your project and take advantage of broadcasting. If you need inspiration, you can check the JavaScript projects discovery page.

Create or improve a personal blog in JavaScript

A personal blog is one way to expose yourself to the world. If you don’t already have one, now is the right time to create a personal blog using JavaScript. On the other hand, if you already have a personal blog, maybe you can now add features that improve functionality. You can also opt to improve the UI by using front-end JavaScript frameworks.

Check out l4p1n from Switzerland creating a JavaScript blog.

Write about JavaScript on your blog

JavaScript is full of tips and tricks. You can help others by writing detailed tutorials, how-to columns, and information-based articles on JavaScript. You can also choose to either publish your articles on your blog or on a reputable website to improve your online presence. Also, don’t be afraid to share your opinion on any JavaScript topic. In the end, it is all about learning and improving both your own knowledge and those around you.

Contribute to OpenSource projects

Contributing to JavaScript projects is what makes you a great engineer. Now, it is time to pick up more projects and show your JavaScript ninja skills.

Make a JavaScript framework

Creating a JavaScript framework can be a little ambitious. However, if you are confident of your JavaScript skills and know what you are doing, it is a good time to create a JavaScript framework that you think is missing from the market right now. Just make sure you are adding value to the community rather than creating a redundant framework that nobody will find useful.

Not creating something new? Go ahead and explore how JavaScript frameworks work.

Dive into other programming language and improve your skillset.

A new year is a perfect time to learn a new programming language and improve your skillset. The market is dynamic and requires constant skill upgrades. So, why not pick up the programming language that you have been thinking of learning for quite some time?

Teach someone JavaScript

Sharing knowledge can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. JavaScript engineers should contribute back to the community. You can teach JavaScript in your spare time by connecting online through LiveEdu. The world can always use more JavaScript engineers.

Create a JavaScript course for beginners

Learned a new framework or library, and want to share your knowledge? Create a course for beginners and upload it to LiveEdu or any other medium you are comfortable with.

Don’t like the camera? Why not write the complete course down and share it as a PDF? Anything will do!

Final Thoughts

We humans are optimistic and always love new beginnings. A new year gives us the opportunity to kickstart our life. The above list can be used by any JavaScript engineer to make his new year more productive, meaningful, and amazing.

So, what are you planning to do in the new year? Let us know in the comment section below. We are listening!

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