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Which Technologies Should You Learn in 2017 to Make the Most Money?

Gone are the days when you need to spend a lot of time and effort to learn something new. In 2017, anyone can learn anything with the help of the internet.

With technology booming every single day, it is now time to look beyond the general job positions out there. You now have more options. Now, you can explore more into computers as technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc.

In this article, we will explore many technologies that you can learn in 2017 that will enable you to earn the most money. When we discuss “technology”, we mean a combined knowledge of software suite, scientific principle, and its application to solving a problem.

Technology is created for practical purposes, and this is where shines where you can watch premium live and on-demand projects on programming, game development, data science, design, augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Our new change to has brought many changes to how we function and take care of a broad audience, enabling anyone to learn at their own pace. So, why the wait? Let’s get started with the technologies that you should learn in 2017 to make the most money.



Which technologies should you learn in 2017 to make the most money?

Clearly, there are many technologies out there that require attention, but we will only focus on the ones that can make you the most money. Also, it should be noted that you can earn as much as you want in any technology you love. The only condition is that you know what you are doing and can solve the problem at a faster rate compared to the average worker.

With everything clear, let’s move on to the technologies that can benefit you the most.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality(AR) is a technology that enriches user view with the help of computer-generated image on the real world by superimposing technique. In simple terms, it augments the real world and improves the user experience.

Have you heard about Pokémon GO success? It is built using Augmented Reality. AR is now making its way to users on mobile, console and PC games. The success of Pokemon Go was so astounding that it prompted other big companies to start their own AR products. Afterall, who doesn’t want to make the most of AR which probably made Niantic millions of dollars? AR is also active in other fields such as Finance, Medicine, etc.

Many big companies invest heavily in Augmented reality. Niantic and Sony are big examples. The interest of companies in Augmented Reality only helps the job market. You can read how Augmented reality is grabbing all the funding in Nanalyze article on the Augmented Reality opportunity in the market.

With new big projects on the horizon, it is wise to learn Augmented Reality and give yourself a chance to thrive in the change. Also, companies are more than reluctant in paying for the best talent.

According to, the average salary of AR engineers in the US is $122,000 average per year for a senior position. And, that’s a good amount for anyone who is willing to learn a new technology and make money.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is all about generating three-dimensional media with the help of specialized hardware and software.

Virtual Reality(VR) which may sound similar to AR is a thriving technology to look out for. Gaming companies make the most out of VR, but its use is not limited to this field. VR can easily be used in media, education, and technology, fine arts, engineering, etc. The myriad use cases and its recent growth should not be taken lightly.

Sony and Microsoft are two big companies that invest heavily in VR. They have spent tons of resources on developing their own VR product. For example, Sony VR is exclusive to their PlayStation production.

Oculus VR are also popular for their product Oculus Rift and its associated games/software. Millions of dollars are spent on creating, researching and maintaining these products. Not to mention, there is still a lot to improve.

Check out Swanticjubilator from the United States working on Unity C# VR development.

Right now, average VR salary in the US is $102,000 per year for a senior position according to Also, the salary can differ according to the field you are in. You can make more money if you are into VR research.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a computer-science field that works on the idea of intelligent machines that can manage their own tasks and maximize the output.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has completely changed not only the technological landscape but also how our society functions. You might have read hundreds of articles on how AI will replace human jobs. Google is the leader when it comes to AI development. They have worked on self-driving cars which heavily uses AI under the hood.

AlphaGo is yet another example of exemplary AI usage created for the Chinese game Go. Other big companies such as IBM, Infosys, etc. work heavily on AI to improve their systems and improve results. IBM Watson is a prime example of AI usage.

The development in AI every year will ensure that it won’t take long until most of the mundane tasks are taken over by AI. Even though it sounds bad, there is an opportunity for anyone to learn AI and earn hefty amounts.

Out of all the technologies discussed here, AI offers the best pay. You can read an interesting piece from which discusses on how AI engineers are paid heavily.

Right now, the average salary for AI in the US is $139,00 per annum.


Data Science

Data Science is a data-drive field. With trillions of data flowing on the Internet every single second, it is important to understand which actionable business insights could be drawn from the data.

Data Science is also one of the hot technological fields to look out for. Data Science is a field dedicated towards an understanding of data. Almost every company have access to tons of data. The data is not useless and contains information that can help them grow. This ensures that almost every big company have a data scientist position. There is a huge market for a data scientist.

Companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. utilizes Data Science to improve their product and user’s experience.

Right now, the average US salary for a Data Scientist is $126,000 per annum. You can read an interesting piece on ReadWrite on Why Data Scientists Get Paid So Much.


Conclusion is going to cover all the above categories for you to grow and explore the world. You can choose to either stream your projects or watch others do some amazing work on their projects.

So, which technology you are thinking to get started with? Comment below and let us know.

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