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TechCrunch Disrupt 2019 And Last Reminder to Remove All Your LEDU From Gate Exchange

TechCrunch will be holding their Disrupt conference in San Francisco from October 2nd until the 4th. This conference for investors, developers, founders, and industry leaders is all about delivering breaking news and building communities.

Featured guests will include Marc Benioff of Salesforce, Aicha Evans of Zoox, and Will Smith. Additionally, LEDU team will be attending the conference to learn more about game-changing technologies emerging in the near future.

Attendees of this conference will have the opportunity to learn more about the trends that are guiding today’s tech world while also networking with fellow conference-goers. The presentations will be a mix of industry analysts sharing their business expertise and startup founders introducing their projects.

If you are also attending Disrupt, let’s meetup to discuss LEDU or crypto in general. We’re always excited to have a chance to meet more people in the space, and would love to chat. If you’d like to meet up, send an email to “[email protected]”.

Additionally, this is a final reminder to all LEDU holders on the Gate exchange to move their tokens before we execute our token swap. With Education Ecosystem conducting a token swap that will replace the current smart contract, all the current tokens will be locked soon. Anyone holding LEDU in Gate should move their tokens to a private wallet before the token swap. We are unable to make any exceptions for those who forget to move their LEDU from Gate.

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