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Meet Yuzby, An Inspiring Developer From Nigeria


Real Name: Ayuba Muazu

Profile Link:

Location: Nigeria

Username: yubzy

Profession: Developer

Current Projects:

  • How to create a billing system in C# and ASP.NET
  • How to create a hello world smart contract on NEO blockchain
  • How to build a gym management system in C# and ASP.NET
  • How to create an identity verification smart contract
  • How to create a security token in Ethereum
  • How how to build a fitness center portal in C# and ASP.NET

And much more. You can check his latest projects by checking the link below.

Projects link:

Hello Mr. Ayuba, please introduce yourself

Ans: My Name is Ayuba Ojonugwa Muazu. I’m a software developer from Nigeria with over 7yrs of development experience. I develop mostly on microsoft technologies and the ethereum blockchain.

What motivated you to work in the software industry?

Ans: I did my first degree in computer science from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa university bauchi(though I never bothered to collect my certificate). From a very young age, I was fascinated with computers and its application. I created my first commercial application, billing software for a photo lab in 2008. The success of the software pushed me further into the software industry.

Tell us more about your expertise. 

Ans: I have expertise basically on Microsoft technologies which include but not limited to,,, javascript, MSSQL, Devexpress third party controls. But in terms of blockchain, I have expertise on Nbitcoin, solidity,web3 and the Ethereum and Neo blockchain. I’m also good with system analysis and design.

Tell us about your significant projects. Which project makes you feel the proudest?

Ans: in the year 2014, I created a Unified School Electronic Management Application(USEMA) for the Plateau State government in Nigeria to unify all the existing public primary schools unto one platform for key decision making regarding infrastructure intelligence and students academic records. USEMA was a success and im proud of it.

What made you create projects on Education Ecosystem? Why would you recommend the platform to others?

Ans: Education Ecosystem as a platform, has answers to problems developers are majorly facing which is how to build real-world projects from the programming skills they have acquired. I create projects on Education Ecosystem primarily because I love to impart knowledge on others and I would recommend the platform any day, anytime to others so they can learn from fellow peers and experts.

Are you working on your product? If so, what are you building or plan to build?

Ans: yes, I’m currently working on Brainlegit(A blockchain-based marketplace for digital  downloads) and MedicalMan(A connected healthcare community on the blockchain). These are personal projects.

What tech-stack do you love when it comes to blockchain development?

Ans: I love Ethereum any day, anytime

What do you think about blockchain for business?

Ans: Blockchain is the solution to the issue of TRUST faced by business entities.

Do you think it is important to work on open-source projects? If so, why?

Ans: yes, Open-source projects do not limit your imagination and creativity.

What activities you do other than glaring your eyes on a computer?

Ans: I practice Shotokan Karate to keep me fit.

Is there anything you want to end with?

Ans: I would advise the government of Nations to look into the potentials of blockchain technology to help curb their nation’s internal financial and security challenges. Thank you.


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